First off, congressman John Conyers has started an internet petition drive, to demand that the Bush administration answer the questions presnted by the Downing Street Memo.

They are seeking 100,000 signatures- if you haven't signed on yet, please do so, here.

And next: something for the younger crowd, Nine Inch Nails turned down a chance to appear on the MTV's Movie Awards show, after the network objected to their plans for performing their song "The Hand That Feeds" in front of a huge backdrop of the monkey boy... From the Official Nine Inch Nails Website:

"We were set to perform 'The Hand That Feeds' with an unmolested, straightforward image of George W. Bush as the backdrop. Apparently, the image of our president is as offensive to MTV as it is to me,"

You can view the video, for "the hand that Feeds" at the NIN website....

I have to say that Trent's sorta distanced himself from my own musical tastes, after "The Downward Spiral", but it's great to see his principles are still in the right place...

(Oh, and a side note- VNV Nation's latest album sounded like Phil Collins singing over "Flock of Seagulls" tunes- what the hell happened, there?)

Over the next five days, I will not be here. However, there are two things that You need to keep an eye on, in coming days...

First off- Bolton is headed for near-sure confirmation in the house. Keep a daily watch on this issue, and see how it plays out. Fight in any way you can against this nomination, through petition, e-mail campaign, letter to your congressperson- whatever you have to do- do it.

That being said, unless a miracle happens, Bolton is headed to the UN. The forces that are backing the Bolton Nomination are the same forces that led us into war with Iraq- but now, PNAC is within one nomination of complete control of this country's diplomatic and intelligence-gathering apparatus- and they aren't going to give up, just yet.


Try and peel yourself away from the incestuous politics of the left-wing blogosphere, and start watching what's going on, Re: Iran.

After months of weekly rumblings about the "Iranian Nuclear Threat", the corporate media has begun a whole-bore assault against Iran's nuclear program, with daily forebodings, and horror stories.

The Newswires have spiked, recently, in reference to Iran's nuclear program, as well.

The right-wng blogs and sites are so fixated on it, that it's become an all-too-familiar beating of the same war-drums we saw prior to the famously successful invasion of Iraq.

Keep tabs on this, and watch for it to intensify, in the coming days. Just try not to giggle when the talking heads mispronounce "nuclear."

I trust you will, because, alas, I will not.

Over the next week, I will be out of touch- enjoying nice weather, listening to music, playing video games, and generally rotting my brain away. I am not gonna watch the news, and only answer e-mail that has to do with freelance work. I'm not gonna read the paper, listen to the radio, and the only TV I'm gonna watch is mindless drivel, that has nothing to do with the world at large. I'm going to read at least three books, listen to at least three symphonies by Mozart, and spend at least eight hours, lying in the grass, somewhere, looking at the sky, and doing nothing else.

Until next time...

Just a few days ago, the democrats signed on to an "agreement", saying that they'll bend over, and let the nominations of the majority of Bush extremist judges go forward.

Buzzflash, and a few others, are saying that Frist, and the extremists within the republican right are the losers here- and I'm sorry (well- no- I take that back- I'm NOT sorry), but I can't see how anyone could pull such a conclusion out of their butts.

Point one: As stated above, and as is shown by the signed document, the Bush Bowl, along with the republicans, get the most extreme of their judicial nominees confirmed.

Point two: The democrats COULD have pushed this, and stopped the republicans cold, on the above, but they chose not to, by wimping out.

Point three: The document says that the other nominees might be subject to filibuster, but HELL- the democrats succumbed, this time, am I to assume that this won't be the case, next time?

Point four: The document states that if such a filibuster should be launched against future nominees, it should only go forth under "extraordinary circumstances". Geez, louise- we're being confronted with a rule-by-fiat right-wing takeover of our government- if that isn't an "extraordinary circumstance", I don't know what is!

Point five: The document (in the manner reminiscent of Oliver Twist asking for more gruel) "encourages the executive branch of government to consult with members of the senate, prior to submitting a judicial nomination to the senate for confirmation." Oh, PLEASE! Do you think the Bush Bowl cares ONE DAMN WHIT about ANYTHING that you might "encourage?" Dream on.

Point six- It's clear that the constituencies of the congress creatures who signed on to this charade WANTED TO PRESERVE the filibuster. This is a fundamental betrayal of the will of the people.

I could go on...

This is just sick- it's unbelievable, and sets a precedent that does not bode well, for the future.

Oh, and Howard Dean didn't mention the Downing Street memo, on Meet the Press. I have SUCH a headache.

Laura Bush is off the a GREAT start as our "goodwill ambassador" to the middle east. Pickles was heckled in Jerusalem by both Muslims AND jews, as she made her rounds. Nice to know she's bringing unity to such a contentious place.

But here's what gets me- I seem to remember Monkey Boy's last State of the Union address- when he named Pickles as head of efforts to keep inner-city youth out of gangs (perhaps the single most idiotic idea that's backed up out of the Bush Bowl)- whatever happened to that? Did she make the mistake of dissing ODB during her freestyle rap performances to impoverished DC street urchins?

And the beat goes on....

I have a feeling many of you out there haven't been following this, but the Bush Bowl's ties to the repressive dictatorship of Uzbekistan have come under fire, lately, after almost 200 peaceful demonstrators were gunned down by uzbek security forces.

The Bush Bowl considers Uzbekistan to be a "valued ally" in the "war on terror", and is one of the places that we ship prisoners to, when extreme torture is a desireable option. One of the more enteratining methods the Uzbek regime uses on prisoners is boiling people alive. Man- I feel SO good, having people like this, on our side- don't you?

But- how did this freakish alliance come about? Well- you ain't gonna believe it, but thanks to The Smoking Gun- we now know: read all about it, here

Yep- we're in bed with these guys, because Ken Lay, the notorious ex-CEO of the equally notorious Enron company, was set to make 2 billion smackaroos if Bush found his way to cozy up to this murderous regime. After all, that's what friends are for, right?

Now- this story is a few days old, but it bears repeating. The New York times has, in this article, redeemed itself, a tad. I don't have the time to go into details, but the article relates a very gruesome tale of the death by torture of an innocent man, in afghanistan, at the hands of our "forces of liberty and justice."

Words fail me- this makes me ashamed to be an american.

Doubtless, the right will say that the very mention of this incident only serves to "undermine our efforts to transform the face of the middle east," again, saying that the torturers aren't at fault (after all, it's only a few "bad apples,") but rather, it's the fault of people like ME, and the NYT, for making this sort of information public.

Bullshit. (I make no apologies for using that word, here.)

This is the very kind of systematic abuse, torture, and downright arrogance of power that has marked the Bush Bowl's war policy in the middle east, since the day we invaded Afghanistan. This is the direct result of the policies put into place by our current attorney general, Alberto Gonzales. This is what the Muslim world sees, when they look upon our country- and it's only going to get worse.

Let me say, again: consider the following scenario:

The United States is invaded by- well- let's say...Senegal.

Every streetcorner in every major american city is being patrolled by heavilly-armed african muslims. A new government has been put into place by the invading force, which promises to "bring the blessings of Allah" to our nation, and sweep away the "decadency of our repressive western government."

After a year of occupation, the former USA has devolved into chaos, unemployment remains steady at 60%, and billions of dollars of our nation's wealth has been siphoned off to corporations in Dakar. 100,000 americans (a majority of whch are innocent women and children) are now dead, and more dying every day. And then....

One day, we learn that a 22-year-old white kid, trying to earn a few pennies to make sure his family doesn't starve, is arrested by the senegalese occupation forces, and despite his innocence, is beaten to death, over the course of two days. Imagine yourself in this situation: you, yourself, know others who have "dissapeared" in senegalese custody, and you have to wonder- did this happen to them? (Oh, and as an aside, let's assume that, at the same time, it's been brought to light that the senegalese have been routinely desecrating the bible.) You've also heard reports that american citizens have been shipped to Nigeria, Burkina Faso, and Algeria for even MORE extreme tortures.

What would you think? What would you do?

I know what I'd do- I'd take up a rifle, and fight these murderous senegalese, until my dying breath. And I wouldn't do so, because of an article in a newspaper, or a website, but because I had a sense of basic, human DIGNITY.

I'm tired, and headed for bed. Keep up the good fight, people...

In the days since Galloway's testimony, I have been forced to ask myself some serious questions.

What made Galloway's testimony so remarkable, was that he destroyed his accusers, by simply standing up to them, and stating the simple truth.

I could cite examples- but I trust you've seen the video by now- if you haven't- look over to your right- click the links, and you'll see what I mean.

He spoke the clear, unvarnished truth, and totally DEMOLISHED the facade of lies that the republicans have been lording over us, for well on to four years. He didn't need fancy catchphrases, sound bites, or a spin machine- he just SPOKE THE TRUTH.

Now- I have been asking myself, over the past couple of days: Why did it take a FOREIGN poliician, to come to this country, to say the words that needed to be said? Aren't we supposed to have an opposition party, in the congress, that fills this role? Isn't it supposed to be the DEMOCRATIC PARTY?

Yeah, we have our Kuciniches, our McKinney's, and our Lewises, who have made good progress, in this direction, but, one has to wonder:

I am no longer under ANY illusions, as to where this country is going. We have had, now, three elections stolen from the voters. We are seeing a neofascist takeover of our government, media, and culture. Words are being redefined, via our schoolboards. Science is being relegated to the dustbin, in the pursuit of a bizarre pseudo-christian worldview. The poor are being shat upon, while the richest 1% gets richer. Our schools are being sapped of their funding, to ensure that future generations get less and less of an education. Unconstitutional, illegal, and immoral wars are being fought, based upon faked evidence. Our press is in the hands of the executive branch, and soon, the last weapon that the minority in congress has in its disposal will be swept away, by a republican party that WILL NOT STOP, until they wield total control, by fiat.

And what does the "opposition" party do, in response to this insanity?


I have asked myself, in the past couple of days: "Why can't one, single, democratic congressmember do what Galloway did?" I have tried to come up with excuses, justifications, and explanations...

But I have found not one, satisfactory answer.

The democratic party is faced with a FASCIST TAKEOVER of our government- two horrifically failed military incursions, thousands of dead, and what do they do?


I wonder- when Howard Dean comes on "Meet the Press" this Sunday, will he mention the Downing Street Memo? I doubt it.

Yes- again- we have a handfull of democratic legislators who stand up to what we see going on- but they are considered to be the "loony left" (despite the fact that they've been proven RIGHT, time and time again.)

But why isn't the democratic party, as a whole, standing up to this creeping fascism, and just stating THE DAMNED TRUTH WE SEE BEFORE OUR VERY EYES, as Galloway did?

Well- I'm sure to be deluged with e-mails, as a result of this, stating this position or that- but: As a result of the events we've seen, over the past few years, one can only conclude that the democratic party has lost any semblance of spine, as a national organization.

Before the anarchists, greens, Deaniacs, and marxists out there bother me with your crows and tirades, I have to ask:

What's the alternative?

Anarchists- I'm sorry- but you're a bunch of idiots. You use your opposition to any form of authority as an excuse to sit on your butts, smoke weed, and rail about how your boss at Taco Bell is "such a fascist". You show up at protests, burn a flag, and generally make total asses of yourselves. I have no time for you (UTT! Don't quote Bakunin at me- YOU ARE A BUNCH OF LOSERS- PERIOD. Go away.)

Marxists- get a life- do you think that the world's largest capitalist power will suddenly decide to turn communist? HAHAHAHAAAAA! You're out of touch, with the very reality of what this country is. You can meet in your coffee-club clenches, smoking your clove cigarettes, and scribbling marginalia in your copies of "Das Kapital" (which, of course, you've never bothered to read,) but you aren't really gonna DO anything. YOU'RE NOT GONNA GET LAID, at these pathetic little conclaves, so give it up, and get on with your lives...

I'm going to bed, now...

Deaniacs- I have little faith that Dean's gonna do 1/10th of what he SHOULD do, as DNC chair (yes- I supported him, but haven't seen much to inspire confidence, lately.) You made a great start, but I wanna know- will you generate at least ONE DAMNED candidate, that will speak truth to power, like Galloway did? I wonder- if you can, let me know, I will do flash and video editing for him/her, for FREE.

Greens- I love ya- I love you even more for rejecting the messy abortion that was the 2004 Nader presidential bid. You've made important inroads, with every election, but you're fighting an uphill battle. Yeah- maybe in 50 years, you might be able to get a candidate into the congress- but by then, I'll be dead, and hell- who knows how many millions will have died, by then, in coming wars?

Bottom line: I will continue to support the democratic party, because it's the only viable opposition. The degree of its viability is not in question- it's rotten- but well- when compared to other options, it's the only legitimate game in town. But, I have to ask:

Quo Vadis, progressivism? Quo Vadis liberalism? The republicans might have been served, the other day, but as much as Galloway put the republicans in their place, he also demonstrated how weak the opposition of the left in america is.

Hey- would you guys over in Scotland mind lending us George Galloway, for a while? He showed more guts, grit, and honesty than we've seen in the hallowed halls of our congress, in living memory. Go and watch this, NOW.

This is bare, unvarnished TRUTH being spat into the faces of people who have lost the very capacity to understand the basic concept of integrity. Quoth Galloway:

Senator [Coleman], in everything I said about Iraq, I turned out to be right, and you turned out to be wrong. And 100,000 people have paid with their lives, 1600 of them American soldiers, sent to their deaths on a pack of lives, 15,000 of them wounded, many of them disabled forever on a pack of lies. If the world had listened to Kofi Annan, who's dismissal you demanded, if the world had listened, to President Chirac, who you want to paint as some kind of corrupt traitor, if the world had listened to me and the anti-war movement in Britain, we would not be in the disaster that we are in today. Senator, this is the mother of all smokescreens, you are trying to divert attention from the crimes that you supported, from the theft of billions of dollars of Iraq's wealth.

The best part of it, was seeing Norm Coleman drag his tanned behind in front of the cameras, and sheepishly call Galloway a liar, in the most veiled congressional doublespeak, imaginable. In the popular internet parlance among the young people today, I'd have to say that Coleman, at that point, had been "PWNED!" I suggest we send the democratic congressional delegation to Scotland, during the next recess, to learn the fine art of telling it like it is...


Now, this is just insane- Today, despite a vow to boycott CNN, after Novak's recent idiocy, I tuned in, and saw the most organized media assassination hatchet job on the part of the corporate media and the white house spin machine, that I've ever witnessed.

Okay- first off- let's get the whole "desecration of the Quran" issue down pat, before we even start ranting.

This is OLD NEWS! Reports of systematic desecration of the Muslim holy book have been coming out, on a regular basis, since Bush's oil crusade began. Click here, for just a FEW of these reports- reports that have been coming out, since the WEEK of the first US military incursions into Afghanistan.

The pundit corps, today, in their massive attack on Newsweek, have been saying that these reports of Quranic abuse are the result of a concentrated media war, on the part of Al Qaeda. Bey Buchanan, along with subservient reporters, have said that Al Qaeda operatives are educated to spread such rumors, in order to undermine US efforts, while they are in detention.


First off, many of these reports are coming from people who were subsequently cleared of any connection to Al Qaeda- so that's one lie.

Secondly, geez- Remember the pictures from Abu Ghraib? Remember what we saw in those photos? Keep in mind that those pictures of Englund, and her cohorts smiling over piles of feces-smeared prisoners were the ones we were ALLOWED TO SEE. There were FAR worse abuses, upon prisoners, than these. Am I to believe, since these soldiers were willing, and able, to dehumanize REAL, LIVE HUMAN BEINGS, they'd shrink at the thought of shoving a book into a toilet?

No- it's clear that this desecration happened, time and time, again, and only now, that one news magazine has the guts to mention the truth of the matter...

What happens?

Are they thanked for bringing a long-extant method of intimidation and psychological torture to the fore?

Is the fourth estate moved to start asking some serious questions of those in power, as to HOW ths sort of systematic abuse could occur?

Or are we re-evaluating the continuing abuses and tortures that are happening, daily, under our auspices?

NO- We are being told that when a news periodical DOES ITS JOB, and reports the PLAIN FACTS, that they are being "IRRESPONSIBLE." We are being told that Newsweek is RESPONSIBLE for the resultant riots, when this long-dormant story, came to the fore.

Good freaking lord- we, as americans, will do ANYTHING to avoid reponbsibility for our actions, won't we?

"Oh, it's not OUR FAULT for flushing a Quran down the toilet- it's the LIBERAL MEDIA'S FAULT, for reporting it."

And the ABSOLUTE WORST offense came, today, during Simple Scotty McLellan's daily press briefing. He said that Newsweek's cowardly retraction of the story "wasn't enough", and that Newsweek would do well to start repairing the "damage", by parroting white house propaganda.

Folks- I've NEVER SEEN an attack on journalism, the likes of which I have seen, today- and I doubt I will again, because, as of this day, the media has learned its lesson- the fourth estate has ceased to be- it's dead.

If there was any question in my mind, that a single bit of honesty and integrity existed in the corporate media, it died, today.

The United States of America, is DEAD. The free press is DEAD. The independent judiciary, is DEAD. Our founding principles of the promises of "Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness" are DEAD.

Tennessee Senator Bill Frist, a scripture-spouting madman started his presidential bid, today, and Kansas Senator Brownback, a man who "speaks in tongues" in his campaign speeches, is positioning himself for the second slot.

We're headed straight to hell- have no doubt about it.

I wish I had more optimistic words to finish with, tonight, but I can't find them. I'll just quote Public Enemy's Chuck D:

"Welcome to the terrordome"

One last note. I spent the night listening to Mortiis's new release, especially "Decadent, and Desperate" (which is pretty much the theme song for the current administration,) and DAMN- The last time I heard from this guy, he was doing gothic orchestral stuff, whch just sucked- yeah, this new video is sorta hokey, but- this ROCKS... I guess, with age, comes wisdom...

I recently was sent a VERY disturbing report, regarding military recruiter activity, in our public schools. I will keep the sender's identity private, but, here's the report:

A word about (name deleted for privacy): His closed casket was displayed in the Frankfort, Ohio, high school gym for one school day before being given a military burial ---- sort of a "photo op" for pumping up the local farmboys (bored, poor, and throbbin' to get out of the area). Yesterday's awards assembly (during which my friend's son was given a $45,000 cardboard check) was staged by the local army recruiter in order to say "You guys could all be heroes like (name deleted for privacy) -- and here's one guy who has already stepped forward." (Then hands the 18-year-old a fake check for $45,000 -- which is what he'll get when he's finished his 'mission' in Iraq.)

Imagine this- your kids are hustled into their high-school gym, with the flag-draped coffin of someone who has died in Bush's insane war in Iraq, and told that this person was a "hero", and then treated to the spectacle of a fellow classmate, stepping forward, and being given a huge, fake check, for his gullibility, like it's some sort of sick game show.

This is downright OUTRAGEOUS. This is the celebration of DEATH, in the pursuit of this unconstitutional, illegal, and downright RACIST war, and it's being done with YOUR TAX DOLLARS, in collusion with a school system so strapped for funds, it will prostitute itself, and act as a wing of the "selective" service.

I know this is happening all across this country- in schools big and small- and I know- I have a LOT of high-school- age visitors to this site, so I'm putting out a call, tonight...

Are you a high-school student, and have you been subjected to this kind of idiocy? Has something like this, hapened in your school? Have you gotten the "hard sell" by a military recruiter, at your school, and been sold a blatant pile of bullplop, just to get you to sign on the dotted line?

If so, PLEASE drop me a line, and tell me the details. These subhuman swine who deal in death and lies need to be exposed, at every level. Stay tuned for the choicest bits...

And finally- looking for love? If anyone out there is a regular viewer of cable TV, you've most likely seen them- ads for an online dating service called "". In these ads, a kind, cheerful-looking geezer beams out of the screen extolling the "true, lasting values of love", and how, via his service, you- YES- YOU, can find a "true, lasting relationship" via his e-meat-market.

Well, I did a bit of research- this geriatric purveyor of love, Dr. Neil Clark Warren, is a long-time confederate of "Doctor" James Dobson- one of the leading voices of the pseudo-christian far-right. Dobson was one of the organizers of the recent "Justice Sunday", and a few months ago, distinguished himself by plumbing the depths of stupidity, by saying that Spongebob Squarepants was a "gay role model".

In fact- Eharmony was funded, kit and kaboodle, by James Dobson- but well- you get the idea...

A few weeks ago, a friend of mine came over, and, when an Eharmony ad appeared during our TV watching, said "Don't bother with that, if you're not religious- they won't take you."

Well, I was skeptical, despite the funding issues, but, two night ago, I decided to take it to task...

Armed with two e-mail addresses, a pen, and a pad of paper, I filled out the "scientific" eharmony personality profile- twice.

The first time, I answered 100% honestly- in all sections, while, at the same time, marking my answers down on my pad. In regards to the religious questions, I said I was "spiritual, but not religious" in my personal beliefs, and "open to all faiths", in my potential matches. I said it "wasn't important" whether a potential match attended religious services. I answered the rest of the questions honestly, keeping a tab of my answers.

Well- guess what? I was REJECTED- Eharmony said I was unsuitable for their service.

I signed on again, wih my other email address, and this time, answered every question identically to my previous attempt, with the exception of those questions relating to religion. I said I was a regular (christian) churchgoer, and wasn't willing to deal with any potential match that didn't match my religious affiliation...

And WHAT DO YA KNOW? I'm ACCEPTED- with an offer of cheap, premium membership.

So- there ya have it. I dunno if anyone else has done a similar accounting of eharmony's "scientific method"- but I challenge those who have the tme to do so, to do it- it's quite telling...

How can I sum this all up, in the end?

The religious right's dating service sucks every bit as much as their politics. If you're looking for love, online, go with some other service, like

As for myself- well- women run in screaming terror from my presence, so I don't even bother with online dating services- I have my socks (look it up at the profanisaurus at Viz)

Lotsa ground to cover, Blog-wise, but first off:

You'll notice, on the lower left, that I've added google ads to the site. I did this, as I hated to constantly bug ya'll for contributions. After perusing the web, I saw such ads on other people's sites, and as much as I hated having institutional advertising on the site, I have long dreamt of making this site self-sufficient. The first results, after a single day of advertising, are promising. If things go well, in a few months, the days of begging for donations might be over.

Bolton heads to the senate for confirmation.

Well- the Neocons continue their march for dominance in all spheres of american foreign policy.

Senator Voinovich, the lone, gutsy republican who had the courage to understand how disastrous Bolton would be as UN ambassador, got a clandestine bitch-slapping by the republican machine, and fell into line, giving the following as his explanation:

"I am not so arrogant to think that I should impose my judgment and perspective (on) the U.S. position in the world community on the rest of my colleagues. We owe it to the president to give Mr. Bolton an up or down vote on the floor of the United States Senate."

Okay- first off: let this two-time college dropout give a serving senator a lesson in civics and government:

In this country, we have a separation of powers, and the very PURPOSE of the confirmation process, is to subject Executive branch nominees to positions of power to the approval of the oversight committees, created by the Legislative branch. To "impose (your) judgment and perspective (on) the U.S. position in the world community on the rest of my colleagues" is the VERY DEFINITION OF YOUR JOB, as the ranking member of your committee.

Secondly- did you catch it? "Up or down vote." For those who aren't aware of the talking points of the radical right, that's been a key phrase that has become the domain of the extreme right, ever since "justice sunday". Go to and you'll see...

Thirdly- I watched this whole atrocity on c-span, and Voinovich read the previous statement from a prepared paper, that was handed to him, by his page. One wonders who wrote it, and wonders how many threats against his family he endured, before he felt comfortabe betraying his own convictions, and losing his last shred of dignity.

Voinovich has thus proven himself to be a spineless, gutless fool, willing to sacrifice hs core principles, in the face of party intimidation- but well- hmn- that makes him a republican, right?

Bolton is headed for the Senate, and I will say here and now: ANY DEMOCRAT who votes for Bolton's confirmation needs to be removed from office, come 2006 (assuming we even have elections, then- remember- the war against Iran will be underway, by the end of next month- who knows what we're going to see, over the next year.)

And on the republican hypocrisy front (or is that a repitition of terms?)

James West, the stultifyingly homophobic and conservative mayor of Spokane, Washington (who signed into law bills barring homosexuals from being teachers), has recently been outed, not only as gay, but also as a pedophile.

And here's the juicy, wonderful irony of it all:

This man, who has made his poilitical career out of persecuting gay people, says that he's being pilloried, because he's a poor, helpless gay man... HAR-de-FREAKING-har har! My heart bleeds for him- BLEEDS, I TELLS YA!

And, today- ABC news admits that it censors itself, in regards to the continuing bloodshed in Iraq.

ABC- lemme put this straight, at the beginning- has been a right-wing shill network, since the days of Reagan. But this following statement, courtesy of a rare bit of honesty, on the part of ABC, says it all::

"Brides gotta run, planes gotta stray, and cable news networks gotta find a way to fill a lot of programming hours as cheaply as possible...We say with all the genuine apolitical and non-partisan human concern that we can muster that the death and carnage in Iraq is truly staggering. And/but we are sort of resigned to the Notion that it simply isn't going to break through to American news organizations, or, for the most part, Americans...What is hands down the biggest story every day in the world will get almost no coverage."

Let's hear it for the "LIBERAL MEDIA!" Geez- thank GOD these liberals hate Bush and america so much that they can't be bothered to report on the continuing failure in Iraq- otherwse, Bush would be in SERIOUS trouble...

LEAPING LIZARDS! Okay- so a Cessna plane penetrated DC airspace today, and the corporate media actually tore themselves way from their McCaulay Culkin coverage to remark upon the event...

Naturally, it turned out to be a massive canard, but well- here's what's most telling:

Fighter jets were up in the air, within minutes- damned admirable. I wonder why the same actions, weren't taken, the morning of 9/11, when planes weren't scrambled, even though authorities knew, for over a HALF DAMNED HOUR, that hijackings were underway...

UTT! I can hear he right-wing lurkers out there- saying "It's because of the magnificent anti-terrorist programs put into place by the Son of God, Himself, George W. Bush."


Bush, during hs first nine months in office, systematically dismantled every antiterrorist countermeasure put into place by his predecessor, the hated Bill Clinton, because- well- they were just DIRTY.

Since 9/11, Bush has created a whole new antiterrorist paradigm, that is, well, much like everything else he's done, woefully inadequate. We saw it, today. Despite the billions thrown into his Department of Homeland Security, despite the glorious "Terrorist alert " color-code system, despite all of Bush's blustering, about how secure we are...

We saw, today, the glorious plan for civilians, caught in a crisis zone: RUN!!!!

After all of those billions of dollars spent, don't you think we'd have a better plan, in our NATION'S CAPITAL, than "pick up your stuff, and RUN FOR THE HILLS?"

Good lord, I feel so safe, today, seeing the ass-end of senators, puffing away, as they made their exits.

This site defies description. Ohh- yeah! The christian fish symbol, with "one nation under god" emblazoned accross it, with a big, fat "BUSH" in the middle.

I'm wondering- you cristians out there- don't you find this to be the least bit offensive? Having a symbol of your religion that predates the use of the crucifix, as a poitical plug for the greatest mass-murderer to occupy the white house, since Nixon?

When are christians- TRUE christians (as opposed to the mouth-breathing double-digit morons who tuned into "justice sunday",) gonna stand up to this kind of idiocy? Your faith is being used as a political bludgeoning tool, by a bunch of people who everyday spit upon the teachings of Christ- doesn't that BOTHER YOU?

And next, is the proposed national ID card, and corresponding "national database". This is not a good idea- no matter where you sit on the political spectrum. Take action, here.

Secondly, a few benign plugs. I got a copy of "Pop Culture Shoppe" by Scott Walmsley, better known as "Scottie's Cut and Paste "project", and MY- but it is fine. Scottie's an audio cut-up artist, beyond compare, and his stuff never fails to entertain... The best part about his stuff? It's all free- and can be downloaded, here. Check it out, and distribute, widely...

Also, the guy over at Furious Ball sent me a CD of their works, and while it's not very political stuff, it's a good, spacey, jazzy album- sorta like MOBY meets Dave Brubeck. I can see it being used as background music, for your next MoveOn house party. Check it out...

Thirdly, I have starterd a new thread in the Forum, that's all about where you, the visitor, can tell me the direction this site should go. The site's been stagnant, lately, and it needs to change- I just need to know what ya'll want, and can help out with.

Goodnight, Ya'll...

Can I prattle on, a bit, about the republican canard of "Class Warfare?"

The Republican party, along with their pundit corps, are predictable beasts. They have been singing the same Gingrich-inspired newspeak talking points, for years, and in a testement to the power of the "Big Lie", they have actually taken root in the fertile horse manure that comprises our current corporate media, and are spewed not only by the republican pundits, but by the "reporters", themselves.

Chief among these talking points is the canard of "class warfare" that issues forth from the filthy sewers of the republican spin machine, whenever someone asks serious questions about the Bush budget, especially in regards to the downright outrageous tax cuts, budget cutbacks, and general idiocy that IS "bushonomics."

Simply put: When a republican is confronted with the true story of what their economic agenda would mean to the average american citizen, hey accuse the questioner of engaging in "class warfare."

A bit more:

LEFT WING PUNDIT: Under the Bush administration, for the very first time in american history, taxes have been cut, while the nation is engaged in a war on two fronts. In a time that should call for shared sacrifice, Bush is handing out party favors, while our country goes further into debt.

RIGHT WING PUNDIT: That's ABSURD! You're engaging in CLASS WARFARE- those who make the most money, work the hardest for it- why do you insist on penalizing them for their success?


LIBERAL TALKING HEAD: It's unfair to ask inner-city and rural schools to cut back programs, so that the Bush tax cuts, which overwhelmingly favor the rich, can go into effect. What are our national priorities, after all- the education of our most precious resource, or another yacht in Bill Gates' private marina?

CONSERVATIVE TALKING HEAD: This is classic liberal "class warfare" mumbo-jumbo. Go and talk to the millions of americans who got that 300 dollar check, back from the IRS- ask them to give that up- how could you be so HEARTLESS, exploting these poor people for your crass political games?

Or, perhaps:

ALAN COLMES: (slurp) mgwabah mummle bloogah (slurp) Lummle pfoobobble schloob. Blum glorf pfookle! (slurp)

SEAN HANNITY: What's that Alan? I can't hear you, the desk is sorta muffling your voice- here, lemme scoot back, so I can see your supple, elfin face, gazing upward into mine- you may speak, but that doesn't mean you can't use your hands...

ALAN COLMES: Mmmmn- gee- thanks, chief! As I was saying: Isn't it unfair for Bush to grandstand on the platform of national security, whle he cuts back literally every program that is dedicated towards strengthening our borders, so that the richest 1% of americans can get a tax cut? It's beyond unfair- it's downright hypocritical!

SEAN HANNITY: My simple, misled liberal pansy- you're shilling the standard, tired old liberal silliness about "class warfare"- I banish thee to my private washroom, where I expect you to shave yourself, properly, this time- I shall meet you there, in but an hour...

I may have taken a few artistic liberties with the last instance, but, overall, that's the conservative talking point- whenever confronted with the facts, accuse your questioner of engaging in "class warfare", and not address the core issues- and the argument is over...

The problem is- we're already in a serious state of class conflict- it's a conflict of the richest 2% of this nation, who control 90% of our wealth, upon (not against, or with- but UPON) the rest of us. It's not warfare, yet- only because it takes TWO sides to fight a war.

The Corporations poison our air, our water, and our bodies, with their products and pollution- and are given a wider and wider range to do so. We, on the recieving end, are the ones who take the losses, and can't do much of anything to protect ourselves. The rich get richer, and the poor get poorer- under the Bush bowl, the distances between rich and poor in this nation are growing greater and greater- with an increasingly threatened middle class taking the brunt of the fiscal onslaught- but any moves to address this disparity are quashed, before they even make it to the floor of the congress. More and more people are losing their health insurance, their homes, and their jobs- and findng themselves relegated to a lower and lower standard of living, but are so busy just trying to survive, they can't even raise the energy to fight back...

What we have in this country, isn't class warfare, but a general assault upon the needs and lives of the massive majority of americans, spearheaded by forces who have chosen to ally themselves with the rich, the influential, and the callous.

Nothing sums up the attitude of those who raise the spectre of "class warfare" better than the bill Bush signed, during his failed tenure as governor, that mandated that hospitals remove life support from patients, after ten days, if the family doesn't have the money to pay for such. The message of this bill is clear, and as blatant as the disengenuous smirk on Bush's face: "If you're too poor, you don't deserve to live."

How's THAT for "class warfare"? Eh?

Myself, I will say yes: We DO need Class Warfare in this country- we can only take so much- see so much taken from us, before we ask some serious questions, start kicking ass, and taking names.

Go ahead, republican lurkers- call me a communist- an anarchist- a radical leftie- I've heard it all before. If I'm a communist, for believing that arsenic should be removed from our drinking water, so be it- I don't care if a multibillion dollar corporation is forced to spend a few million out of its budget, and deny the CEOs kids one less fleet of Porsches. I'll go and get my party card, tomorrow, if it'll make you happier...

Am I an anarchist, when I say that a multimillionaire shouldn't have the ability to shunt all of his/her income for the year in an offshore account, and not pay one cent in taxes? Well- I guess I am- I'll go and get that communist party card, tomorrow, and then burn it...

Am I a class warrior to say that someone shouldn't be removed from life-saving equipment, simply because they're poor? Well, then- YES, I AM...

The question is: when will we start fighting?

I took two days off, for my birthday. I spent a full two days, assiduously avoiding e-mail, and anything political via the internet (with the exception of the UK election- Labour avoided a hung parliament by 23 seats- the LibDems have much to be happy about- but the fact remains that we're gonna see at least 3 more years of Tony Blair's sycophancy, and betrayal of everything Labour is supposed to stand for.) It was a liberating couple of days- played stupid video games, read, an generally felt the cloud lift from my brain- but tonight, I have a few things to address...

First off, the Kansas state board of education met, in conclave, to re-define the word "science". Ya see, these good christian folks believe that "science," as a concept, relies too much on the observations of natural phenomena, and not enough on the vagaries of the book of Genesis.

Have you read 1984, yet? One of the most memorable phrases in that book, from the sycophantic newspeak editor, Syme, was:

"It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words."

Indeed- such a beautiful thing.

I'm speechless, here...

250 dead in Iraq, in just the last week, but nary a word, via the corporate media. Reaping the whirlwind- success after success- Heady days, indeed, in the continuing triumphs of the Bush administration. I recently got a piece of hatemail saying that Bush was the "best president since Truman"- good lord, what is wrong with these Bush-loving idiots? How the HELL can anyone still support this bowl of feces, without being tragically ignorant?

I was recently sent this pdf appeal . If you feel the desire, and have the ability to help them, do so...

I have been sent this article a lot, in the last couple of days and well- I know you can't be bothered to click on a link, and read the story, so I'll post it, in it's entirety, here;

Special to BuzzFlash
Thursday, May 5, 2005
By Greg Palast
Here it is. The smoking gun. The memo that has "IMPEACH HIM" written all over it.

The top-level government memo marked "SECRET AND STRICTLY PERSONAL," dated eight months before Bush sent us into Iraq, following a closed meeting with the President, reads, "Military action was now seen as inevitable. Bush wanted to remove Saddam through military action justified by the conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy."

Read that again: "The intelligence and facts were being fixed...."

For years, after each damning report on BBC TV, viewers inevitably ask me, "Isn't this grounds for impeachment?" -- vote rigging, a blind eye to terror and the bin Ladens before 9-11, and so on. Evil, stupidity and self-dealing are shameful but not impeachable. What's needed is a "high crime or misdemeanor."

And if this ain't it, nothing is.

The memo, uncovered this week by the Times, goes on to describe an elaborate plan by George Bush and British Prime Minister Tony Blair to hoodwink the planet into supporting an attack on Iraq knowing full well the evidence for war was a phony.

A conspiracy to commit serial fraud is, under federal law, racketeering. However, the Mob's schemes never cost so many lives.

Here's more. "Bush had made up his mind to take military action. But the case was thin. Saddam was not threatening his neighbors, and his WMD capability was less than that of Libya, North Korea or Iran."

Really? But Mr. Bush told us, "Intelligence gathered by this and other governments leaves no doubt that the Iraq regime continues to possess and conceal some of the most lethal weapons ever devised."

A month ago, the Silberman-Robb Commission issued its report on WMD intelligence before the war, dismissing claims that Bush fixed the facts with this snooty, condescending conclusion written directly to the President, "After a thorough review, the Commission found no indication that the Intelligence Community distorted the evidence regarding Iraq's weapons."

We now know the report was a bogus 618 pages of thick whitewash aimed to let Bush off the hook for his murderous mendacity.

Read on: The invasion build-up was then set, says the memo, "beginning 30 days before the US Congressional elections." Mission accomplished.

You should parse the entire memo -- posted on my website -- and see if you can make it through its three pages without losing your lunch.

Now sharp readers may note they didn't see this memo, in fact, printed in the New York Times. It wasn't. Rather, it was splashed across the front pages of the Times of LONDON on Monday.

It has effectively finished the last, sorry remnants of Tony Blair's political career. (While his Labor Party will most assuredly win the elections Thursday, Prime Minister Blair is expected, possibly within months, to be shoved overboard in favor of his Chancellor of the Exchequer, a political execution which requires only a vote of the Labour party's members in Parliament.)

But in the US, barely a word. The New York Times covers this hard evidence of Bush's fabrication of a casus belli as some "British" elections story. Apparently, our President's fraud isn't "news fit to print."

My colleagues in the UK press have skewered Blair, digging out more incriminating memos, challenging the official government factoids and fibs. But in the US press

nada, bubkes, zilch. Bush fixed the facts and somehow that's a story for "over there."

The Republicans impeached Bill Clinton over his cigar and Monica's affections. And the US media could print nothing else.

Now, we have the stone, cold evidence of bending intelligence to sell us on death by the thousands, and neither a Republican Congress nor what is laughably called US journalism thought it worth a second look.

My friend Daniel Ellsberg once said that what's good about the American people is that you have to lie to them. What's bad about Americans is that it's so easy to do.

Now- I love Greg Palast- he's a journaist without peer, and he's always been 100% on the facts, in everything that he's done, in the name of journalism.

But- Greg: "The smoking gun?" Will this new evidence of gross malfeasance on the part of the Bush Bowl reap any media attention? Well, if you feel it does, do a google sarch for "progressive media action", and do your part. Cut and paste the story, and send it to your e-mail circle.

HOWEVER- how many "smoking guns" do we already have, in relation to this corrupt administration? We already have verified and genuine documents from the office of Katherine Harris that prove a racially-skewed program of systematic voter disenfranchisement, that led to Bush's first "election." We already have smoking guns galore, regarding Halliburton, Enron, and The Carlyle Group. We have documents, film, sworn depositions, and enough damning evidence to send any normal man to jail, 100 times over.

I'm cynical, by nature (as if you didn't guess), and have little hope that this will get one second of airplay, but at least we can inform ourselves.

One last thing, before I crash... I recently got a letter, from someone complaining about the continuous scatalalogical references and "humour", I post on this site (IE: "The Plunger of Truth", "Notoriously flatulent", etc...)

Flush that. I guess I may have some sick, freudian thing wrong with me (in fact, I'm certain of it), but toilet humor is one of the few rays of sunshine that breaks through the oppression that the Bush Crime Family exerts upon my brain, every day.

Mel Brooks, Amadeus Mozart, and Dave Chapelle have honored the majesty of the good fart/toilet joke, and well, I'm proud to stand in the footsteps of these comic geniuses, in my appreciation for a great "stinky poo" joke, or the classic "fart story."

Thus, in recognition of this legacy, I will henceforth refer to the Bush administration as the "Bush Bowl". We have all had the experience of visiting the public lavoratory, in the greyhound depot, greasy spoon, or public transit terminal, when we open the stall door, and are met with the spectacle of a ruinously clogged toilet, streaked with human effluvia of questionable origin, and clogged to the point of backup with equally quesionable lumps and tissue.

When confronted with such a hellish excratory vision, one can only recoil- well- thus, we should name such a spectacle, the "Bush Bowl".

Streaked with the foul gooey stains of Bolton, Rice, and Wolfowitz. Filled to overflowing with the living turds that are Negroponte, Rumsfeld, and Cheney. Clogged with the tissue of lies that Scott McLellan throws out, every damned day.

And, of course, there's no roll of tissue, in the stall, and no matter how many times we try to flush this idiocy away, it just won't go down the u-bend- so you just have to DEAL WITH IT.

Things continue to spiral out of control, on all fronts- there's more insanity going on today, that I can cover in the time I have left, this eve. Ya know- before the "election", I lamented that we had become a nation "without conscience". We are now, officially, a nation "without mind". John Bolton- the judicial confirmations, and associate religious right BS- the continuing disaster in Iraq, which claimed 60 lives, in Irbil- the efforts for further FCC interference in cable TV broadcasts- right now- I can't keep on top of it all, in the short time I have with you, this eve...

There was an excellent cartoon by Jen Sorensen that sums the situation far better than I can express, in a million words...

Happy Birthday to me. Yep- I'm now a somnolent, overweight, notoriously flatulent 35. As of this writing, it's 12:15, so I plan to wake up late, tomorrow, eat breakfast, go down to the local indie bookseller, and buy two books, and spend the day reading.

Oh- and one last personal note- I've gotten back to the point that I can listen with U2's "It's A Beautiful Day" (John Kerry's campaign theme), without regret- it reminded me of the determination, the heart, and the fight of those times, during the latter part of our recent "election", and I have to say:

No matter what Diebold, Kennith Blackwell, and Jeb Bush gained by their machinations, their fraud, intimidation, and outright fiscal bigotry, We came together, as never before, and created a movement, that we can only be proud of. I do not regret, for one, single moment, standing up for what I believed was right, and not for one, single moment, doubt the certainty of my beliefs. I do not regret backing the candidacy of John Kerry, and previously, the esteemed downright third-coolest congressperson in the USA- Dennis Kucinich.

I'm a proud, GODDAMNED PROUD, Peace-loving Liberal- and I will be, until my dying damned day. I stand in the footsteps of Cesar Chavez, Martin Luther King, Robert F Kennedy, Delores Huerta, Malcolm X, Mark Twain, Jeanette Rankin, Tennessee Williams, Humphrey Bogart, Albert Einstein, and giants upon generations of giants that came before...

And I know, at my very soul:

Standing where I am, today, my kung-fu will prevail, in the end. Slackmaster Gandhi put it this way:

"When I despair, I remember that all through history the way of truth and love has always won. There have been tyrants and murderers and for a time they seem invincible but in the end, they always fall -- think of it, ALWAYS."

And we're the reason they always fail- keep up the good fight, people- history is gazing upon us, this very day...

British election- quick prediction: Conservatives will have little to cheer about, but the LibDems will have a bit of cheer, with a 3 percent increase over their previous overall percentages. As far as how this will lead to overall seats in the lower house- I have no freaking idea- the british electoral system is just convoluted enough, to discourage anyone from exercising fraud, and well- all's I can really say, with definition, is that the BNP won't claim majority status.

But seriously folks..

Labour's still gonna claim the top spot, and well- we can chalk it all up to too many labour MPs not having the guts to make the jump over to the libdems, or an alternative party. Tony Blair has, of course, come under fire because of his shoddy case for war against Iraq, but ya know- in the final analysis- that means jack-all. Stupidity rules, and we're all retards.

How ya doing, over there, in the 51st state? Watch the puckering-up between your prime minister's lips, and Bush's rectum, in he months to come- and well- how can I put it?

I feel your pain.

Goodnight, people...

Went to see that "Hitchhiker's Guide" movie- One line review- wait for it to come out on video- but if you're a hardened sci-fi geek, (like me,) you're gonna go and see it, no matter what I say.

The one political aspect of the movie that's approprite to mention here is that Zaphod Beeblebrox, the president of the galaxy (who attained office on a "vote stupid" ticket), definitely shows shades of Bush Jr. ("Freedom and Democracy and stuff.")

I took the splash page down, but that does not mean, in any way, that the battle to preserve the congressional fillibuster is won. Bill frist will attempt to force a vote, before memorial day, and he will definitely "go nuclear".

There are still petitions to sign, phone calls to make, letters to write, and ads to air. Websites such as, People for the American Way, and the DNC have courses of action you can take.

Geez- don't them insurgents watch TV? I mean, last week, during his press conference, Ol' George leered over the podium with that trademark smirk, and told one and all that "we're making great progress in Iraq."

But Dang it- I guess them danged insurgents can't be bothered to keep up with events. Since Friday, 120 have died in attacks, accross Iraq. Yesterday was a corker- when I woke up, I saw this article, and then, a few hours later, I saw this one.

Then a new video was released, showing the cheery sight of yet another western hostage, pleading for his life with a gun pointed at his head.

Gee- only one day- and two suicide bombers killed over 30 Iraqis. There were about 40 other attacks- but well, if you wasnna read about them, go here, and check out the right-hand news feed.

Come ON, you danged insurgents- what the hell are you doing? Aren't you aware we're making GREAT PROGRESS in Iraq? If you keep this up, well, Bush might just start to look like he's LYING...

This article caught my eye, this morning. While I find the harping on the Pope's "Hitler Youth" affilliation to be tired, and just historically myopic, the article draws some very interesting parallels between the past, and today. Excerpting:

If we take a look at pre-WWII Germany, we notice it has some things in common with the United States now. Start with the concept of exceptionality. Nazi ideology grew out of Germans’ belief that their country was uniquely privileged because it was uniquely valuable. This made them an exception to rules and norms. The average “Proud to Be an American” bumper-sticker-buyer believes the same thing. (I’m still waiting for some churchgoing patriot to notice that being born American is a gift of grace and to begin marketing “Humble to be an American” decals.) A belief in your country’s exceptionality takes you way out beyond the warm self-appreciation of patriotism; in naming your heritage “exceptional,” you cut your ties to the family of nations and set yourself above the rules. Our belief in our own exceptionality erodes the walls that hold back human greed, fear of otherness, and violence. Exceptionality makes the unthinkable possible, even reasonable.

(And ya know what's the height of irony? I have, on occasion, gotten e-mail from skinheads and neo-nazis, very angry with me- they find it insulting to have their idol, Hitler, compared to Bush. Man- what can I say- I calls 'em as I sees 'em. The cause may be different, slightly, but the methods are identical.)

One last thing- Tom Hayden's letter to Howard dean, regarding the democratic position on the ongoing war is well worth reading.


First off, I meant to include this article, yesterday. Take a look at that first picture, on that article- whee! God bless america- we are such a benevolent, peaceful nation, aren't we? Makes me think- if Agent Orange is still doing this, twenty-plus years after the vietnam war- what kinda fun is going to be cropping up in Afghanistan, Serbia, and Iraq, twenty-plus years from now. Sleep well, America...

Secondly, while the corporate news networks were spending solid hours covering some "runaway bride" foolishness that I really care not one whit about, not one word was spoken about the two FA/18 fighter jets that suddenly "dissapeared" in iraq. Hmn- do they have antiaircraft defenses within the "green zone" fortress in central Baghdad? They might wanna look into that...

Oh, and- another 16 Iraqis were killed by a suicide bomber. Man- this "progress" stuff Bush keeps talking about- I have a theory- "progress" equals dead Iraqis. The more Iraqi dead, the greater the progress. The ultimate victory will come when the last Iraqi insurgent blows himself up, with the last Iraqi civilian- then, the liberation of Iraq will be complete...

Laura Bush's "comedy routine"? Oh, please... So the whitehouse brought in a few comedy writers (at the taxpayer's expense), to put a human face on this corrupt gaggle of murdering bastards. In comedy terms, her delivery was horrible- she read it, haltingly, line-per line, and quite frankly, I was too busy reviewing the latest pictures of the dead and mangled in Iraq, to find much funny, today. I did watch a bit of it, but, just as it was, when I watched the "justice sunday" idiocy, I kept feeling a need to go to the toilet, so I turned it off, after five minutes...

And last, but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST...

Check out this article, and consider:

Here's the story, for those who can't be bothered to read the article: a young woman is facing a tremendous problem, in texas. Her five-month old baby was diagnosed with leukemia, shortly after birth. The parents of this precious young life don't have the money to pay for the treatments required for her continued survival, so, in five days, the hospital in which this baby is living will pull the plug- and turn their collective backs, while this baby DIES.

You know why? Because of a bill, signed into law by George W. Bush, during hs misbegotten tenure as governor, that orders health care providers to cease ALL LIFE SUPPORT, if the family of the patient doesn't have the cash to continue paying for treatment...

Tell me- how's that for "erring on the side of life"?

I have to wonder- where's the media circus surrounding the hospital? Where's Randall Terry, Pat Robertson, and the rest of these white, male, "defenders of life" that shoved their agendas into the Terry Schaivo case, now?

Breep-breep... Breep-breep...

The silence is deafening.

Could it be that this five-month-old girl (who would not be facing certain death, if this nation had a coherent universal helath plan) is actually ALIVE, breathing, and full of promise, unlike the brain-dead Terry Schiavo, or the unborn fetuses that these media leeches continually rail about?

No- let's get real- honestly, truthfully real...

This baby will die, callously unnoticed by Bill Frist, Tom DeLay, Randall Terry, and James Dobson- these "champions of Life"- because number one: her death will come about, as the result of policies put into place by God's only son, George W Bush, and secondly, and most tellingly, because she's black. Who cares if one more black kid is consigned to certain death, because her parents are too poor to keep her alive? They're second-class citizens, after all- the fewer black kids around, the better- right, James, Bill, and Randall?

This is just- well- disgusting. I'm going to go to bed, and try to forget everything I've seen, today, and wake up, singing cheery songs. Not very likley, but one can only hope...