Handsome Devil, Neh?

Hmn- as I sit before my keyboard, I find it kinda tough to come up with much to say about myself...

I'm a 36-year-old freelance illustrator/animator/web developer residing in the beautiful town of Montclair, New Jersey with two cats whom I never got around to naming..

I have no formal education or training in the field of politics or policy- but have been studying these fields for the past 20 years- giving me more experience than Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, and Bill O'Reilly had, combined, before they entered the fields of punditry.

However- I must point out- unlike Rush Limbaugh, I've never been addicted to hillbilly heroin (oxycontin/percocet). Unlike Bill O'Reilly, I've never inserted a vibrating dildo into my anus while sexually harassing co-workers on the telephone, and unlike Sean Hannity, I don't lead a second life as a cheap male prostitute (okay- I made that last one up- sue me, or make me RNC chairman.)

I started this site in March 2003, after watching the corporate media completely ignore the groundswell against the coming Iraq war. After coming back from a historic rally in NYC that brought almost a million people into the streets, I saw no mention about it on CNN, or any of the other media outlets- they were too busy banging the war drums on behalf of the Bush administration.

I decided to create my own media, and it somehow became a success.

I was a finalist in the Moveon.org "Bush in 30 seconds" competition, which garnered me exposure and interviews with news services both foreign and domestic.

In 2003, the Kucinich presidential campaign asked me to lend them some of my work- within days, certain right-wing blogs took exception to some of the media I had created- so much so that one of them- Nicedoggie.net- decided to issue a death threat against me, adding incentives such as "prize awards" in exchange for evidence of my death. These threats were echoed on Blackfive.net, another rabid right blog that, inexplicably, has become a news source for CNN.

After a quick call to Representative Kucinich, the FBI was brought in to investigate, and within 12 hours, the death threats were retracted, proving once again that the right wing is all bluster and no balls.

I then went on to become a staff member for the Kucinich campaign, despite being courted by Kerry, Nader, and Russo. I figured that once Kucinich dropped out, I'd be able to gain employment with Kerry- but little did I know that Kucinich would maintain his bid, until the DNC convention, despite the fact that he had but a handful of delegates.

I attended the DNC convention in Boston in 2004, as an outsider- I was able to make it into the Fleet Center for ten minutes, using a borrowed security pass, but in the end, I was turned back at the door to the convention hall, since the fire marshall declared the floor a fire hazzard, due to overcrowding.

Following the convention, my attempts to be hired on to the Kerry campaign proved to be fruitless (apparently, they were only interested in me, when they were down in the polls, and were willing to take a gamble.) I bore them no ill will, however, and actively supported the democratic nominee, until the bitter, fraudulent end.

Despite my dissapointment with the outcome of election '04, I had been granted access to a certain level of the political process, and loved every minute of it. I got to do a lot of interviews with both radio and print media, nationwide, and hell- I'd be a liar if I didn't say that I enjoyed the exposure. w

In December '04, I was listed in the New York Times Magazine's "Year in Ideas" issue, as one of the inventors of the "Do-It-Yourself Attack Ad." As much as I enjoyed the honor, I must admit that I got the idea to do what I do from the folks over at Take Back The Media. They didn't mention that in the NYT article- go figure...

I have been called in twice to speak at George Washington University's Institute for Policy and Democracy on the Internet- a group that apparently seeks to find new ways to disseminate the horrific politics we've been witness to for the past half-century into the "new media" that the internet provides. The first time, It was okay- the seond time, I wanted to burn the whole university to the ground- read the whole story, here.

In the wake of the 2004 fraud, I found myself stumbling back into the depths of a clinical depression that's pretty much plauged me, my entire adult life. I've not produced much in the way of new animations, in the last year- but I hope to return to productivity, in wake of the wonderful results of November, 2006.

If there's anything to be learned from my example, it's that anyone- ANYONE- who has initiative, drive, and the hours that chronic unemployment frees up, they can reach an audience of millions, and mayhaps find themselves in places they never thought they'd see (if, perhaps, sometimes, it's only from the outside.)

Oh- I forgot one last thing: I hate republicans- I really do. If George Bush were writhing in flames, right in front of me, and I needed to piss, urgently, I'd let him burn, while I rushed off to find a nearby tree that could perhaps make better use of my liquid offering.