American Youth - Be All You Can Be - Stay Home © 2005 by Bob Miller

Don’t believe the hype. They’ll use you like a condom, then toss you aside in the middle of the night.

Mom and Dad, we’re not talking about your car; you can’t trust the man who wears the star.

The guy who lives in our House has proven beyond a doubt - when there’s trouble, he’ll hide out. But never fear. When his babysitters hear the “All clear”, they’ll rush him from the rear wearing fighting gear. They’ll place him among our heroes wearing the red, white and blue, in hopes his yellow won’t show through.

If you’re black, brown or like me from the wrong side of town, you’re going down. Don’t worry little sister, they have no shame; they’ll include you in their war game.

These demons from hell stand on the pro-life platform and yell, “In God We Trust”, while blowing both child and parent back into dust.

It’s Robin Hood in reverse; trust me, it’s well rehearsed; they’ve even bought the church. From our savings and loans they moved on. With Enron in their pocket, they took off like a rocket and now we’re a minority, and they’re the moral majority.

You’d better listen kid or you’ll end up like my friend, dead or even worse, you’ll end up like me with P.T.S.D.

Bob Miller, a registered Republican /