I have been drag by the very same people we suppose to trust the legislators. Worker Compensation left me with no means of survival, due to my permanent work related injuries which limits my work opportunities to a office environment but due to my history of learning disabilities, and an old non-violent criminal record which hunts me till this day, my only job opportunities are hard labor jobs; Resolution; first we need to get rid of the corruption , then we need to give the injured worker what's rightfully theirs compensation, then we need to change the laws to protect the injured workers from these white collar criminal. Worker compensation is killing! While the legislators are drinking up a storm.

Leon Workers Compensation Law
What Kerry SHOULD have said
Dammit, John, stop talking to the people in the audience. They're already on your side, that's why they came to see and hear you. LOOK INTO THE TV CAMERA, ASSHOLE! and talk to the millions of people who are sitting in their living rooms watching you on the idiot box!

And tell them: "ALL my crew members, all the guys who served with me in Vietnam are on my side. I don't even know any of those phonies who belong to the Anti-Kerry Swift Boaters. The fact remains that I volunteered to fight for my country and Shrub volunteered to stay home."

TAKE OFF THE KID GLOVES, KERRY! Lash out at that son-of-a-bitch! And say:

"I voted in favor of the Iraq invasion because I was lied to by the President of the United States! Just like he lied to all of you, the American people! Then when I learned that he lied, that's when I voted against more money being spent and American lives being sacrificed in Iraq."

("I voted for the Iraq war before I voted against it" is so Milquetoasty, f'chrissake!)

And: "Shrub went into Iraq not to take down Saddam the evil monster (even though he had it coming), but to grab that oil for himself and his buddies. And while he's killing Iraqi civilians and American soldiers too, he's bankrupting the American economy, cutting social programs, making rich people richer and poor people poorer. Ask him why he didn't send troops to Afghanistan instead, to hunt down Bin Laden, the REAL evil monster who planned the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks. Three years, no Bin Laden.

"George W. Bush, if you continue in office, you'll inflict damage on this country I love that will take generations to repair. I hope and pray to God that the American people will realize that and evict you from the White House!"
Two Sentences summing up the 2004 "election"
The Democrats' mistake was thinking that a disastrous war and national bankruptcy would be of concern to the electorate.

The Republicans saw, correctly, that the chief concern of the electorate was to keep gay couples from having abortions
A message from the people of Mainz, Germany
- We, the people of the Rhine-Main didn't invite GWB to visit us! People are furious because of the restrictions and security demands. A whole region of about 5 Million people will be thrown into traffic chaos, undemocratic restrictions of their human rights and tremendous economical losses - only because ONE man is affraid of assassination attempts (which he would have provoked (when occasionally occuring) by his own false policy).

ONE Man is scared shitless and SOME HUNDRED THOUSANDS or even more people are told to bare all the restrictions.

Even the conservative grannies say they are fed up and against this visit. Here are some facts:

- 4 of the most important motorways in whole Germany will be closed down for hours (they are the key connecting points for traffic through Germany - the north-south routes and the west-east routes will be affected with delays and other negative affects not only in the region but all over Germany.

- shipping at the Rhine and the Main in the Mainz region is closed for a whole day - losses of about 500.000 Euro (ab. 500 000 Dollar) are expected - I wouldn't be surprised this would cause the ruin of some family managed containerships. All Ships are banned from the rivers near Mainz and Wiesbaden tommorow.

- Private flights are forbidden in the surroundings of 60 km round Mainz. "Flighing objects" are allowed to be shot down.

- Trains will run with enormous delays, some have allready been cancelled. This will affect not only trains from Frankfurt to Mainz or Wiesbaden but even the traffic in most Germany.

- Hundred thousands of employees will be delayed or even not be able to get to work. I think this will affect at least 100.000 people only at Frankfurt (other Rhine-Main-Cities like Mainz, Wiesbaden or Rhein-Main-International Airport (ab. 57.500 employees) not included). A lot of companies won't be able to work properly tommorow. Some have already declared they are closed.

The regions cross product is ab. 500 Million Euros every workingday . I guess that at least on fifth or even more will be lost tomorrow.

But these are only figuers, the impacts for the people living in the closed down city-areas or at the route from Frankfurt International Airport to Mainz are worse.:

- 1300 manhole covers have been fused.
- all cars parking in the "red zone" had to be removed.
- all privat garages and car ports were investigated and sealed by the police
- all postboxes are removed
- some thousand people are not allowed to enter their balkonies
- some thousand people are not allowed to leave their houses tomorrow
- some thousand people were told to keep the shutters down tomorrow - they are forced to live in darkness!!!!
- American security forces are allowed to enter the homes of many German people e. g. to controll security matters or in order to install sharpschooters in private homes

(Imaging a German Chancellor visists the USA and German Security Forces will enter YOUR house and tell you, you have no right to leave the house during the next day - will YOU be pleased??? - This is exactly what is happening to Mainz and Wiesbaden families rigth at the moment!)
- All the schools at Mainz and some at Wiesbaden are closed
- Hospitals are closed or only have an emergency service. Dialyses will not be run tomorrow. Nursing services who care for old and disabled people every day will have problems to get to their patients. There are advices to place catheters to the outpatients in order to avoid them pissing in their beds whilst the nursing service will not be able to reach them tomorrow. ... What happens if someone living in the "red zone" get's a heart-attack while Bush is walking across the street. - Will the emergency be allowed to enter the "red zone"????

these are only some of the restrictions people in Mainz and the whole Rhine-Main-Area have to face tomorrow when GWB visit the region - but not the people here. I could tell you even more stories of absurd security instructions for small companies and so on.

You wander why the people here don't welcome GWB and even conservative grannies are furious about that visit? - I don't !!!

GWB isn't popular in Germany - nearly 80 % of the German people hoped he wouldn't be reelected. But now when he is visiting Germany the dislike is turning into rejection - especially because of all the ordinary and unpolitical people suffering from the restrictions and lack of personal freedom caused by this visit. Lot's of them wish him to hell or to stay where he belongs to! Most of the opponents are not Anti-American but only Anti-Bush.

Remember: Even George Bush Sr., the Pope and the Queen had allready visited Mainz. People gave them a warm welcome! Each of them was a VIP, but for none of them the daily live and the personal freedom was ever shortend.
the theory is: if ya dont laugh, ya cry yer eyes out... RUMMY TV
By Arianna Huffington

The Bush administration has shown a willingness to do just about anything to manipulate public opinion. It paid pundits to say nice things about it. It spent lavishly to create bogus--and, according to the comptroller general, illegal--video news reports on the president's Medicare, education and drug policies. And it has given us Gannon/Guckert-gate.

Now the Bushies are taking things to the next level. Not content to buy their press coverage retail, they are producing and distributing their own news network. And, no, I'm not talking about Fox. It's the Pentagon Channel, a 24/7 niche network brought to you by the Department of Defense.

Started last year as an internal public relations unit within the Pentagon designed to keep U.S. soldiers and their families informed about all things military, the network is now expanding its reach to the general public. A number of cable systems, including Time Warner, already carry the Pentagon Channel--and the Dish Network will soon begin beaming the station to its more than 11 million viewers right alongside the half-dozen porn channels the satellite giant offers.

DoD television execs (there's a new phrase) say Pentagon Channel viewers can expect programming that is "a mix between CNN and C-SPAN"--combining military news and lifestyle shows with live coverage of military briefings, speeches by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and Congressional appearances by The Man himself, Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld.

So fire up those TiVos, disinformation fans; Rummy TV is coming soon to a flat screen near you. "If you hate the truth, you'll love DoD TV!"

According to the network's Web site, current Pentagon Channel programs include: "Why I Serve" ("Vignettes that allow military members . . . to share their stories and motivation for serving"); "Korea Destinations" ("Monthly preview of some great getaway locations in and around the Korean peninsula"); and "The American Veteran" ("a half-hour video news magazine designed to inform veterans. . . about the services and benefits they have earned through their service to America").

Which is all well and good. But, as is so often the case with the Bush administration, the Pentagon Channel's programming appears to have been prepared by--to quote Jeff Gannon--"people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality."

Now, if Secretary Rumsfeld were really interested in following the network's motto--"Serving Those Who Serve"--he might want to consider a more realistic lineup. How about:

-- "The Real World: Fallujah." What happens when a group of former Abu Ghraib guards, forced to share a bombed-out, camera-filled apartment in Fallujah with a collection of their former prisoners, stop being polite? Series highlights: Lynndie England hooking up at a Green Zone nightclub with a Baathist hottie who turns out to be none other than the guy she had on the leash! Then Mohammed, one of the ex-prisoners, getting wasted, prank-calling new Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, and asking him if being sodomized with a broomstick sounds "quaint."

-- "Pimp My Humvee." Xzibit, Mad Mike, Big Dane and the "Pimp My Ride" crew lend a helping hand to American soldiers forced to scrounge through junk yards in an effort to outfit their vehicles with the armor the military has failed to provide--hooking our troops up with protective plates, as well as slammin' paint jobs, state-of-the-art sound systems, and spinning tire rims able to detect the roadside explosives responsible for so many U.S. casualties. The Humvees go from wimp to pimp while the soldiers go from sitting ducks to Mac Daddies.

-- "Desperate Military Housewives." There may be a lot of dark secrets on Wisteria Lane--but not half as many as there are in the homes of America's military families. "DMH" peels the curtain back on the home-front havoc being caused by President Bush's stop-loss policies and the extended tours of duty that result. Don't miss the very special episode where the president promises to "support our troops," then proposes a budget that slashes veterans' benefits and leaves one in five military families needing food stamps or Women, Infants and Children program aid to get by. Is it drama? Is it comedy? We produce. You decide.

-- "Iron Chef, Iraq." It's military cooking on an unlimited budget! Watch as the master chefs at Halliburton show what kind of battlefield-mess-hall-magic they can create with a noncompetitive, no-bid, cost-plus contract that allows them to overbill the Pentagon $186 million for meals that were never served. Who needs fast food when you can feed the troops phantom food? Sponsored by (who else?): "Halliburton, proud to serve our troops . . . and even prouder of the money we rake in by not serving them!"

-- "Survivor: Pentagon." Forget Africa, the South Pacific and the Australian Outback. This classic reality show really gets interesting when Donald Rumsfeld is cast adrift in the halls of the Pentagon with a tribe made up of people he has clashed with and helped push out the door, including former Secretary of State Colin Powell, former Secretary of the Army Thomas White, former Army Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki, former Secretary of the Air Force James Roche, and former head of the Iraqi Occupation, Jay Garner. Outwit. Outplay. Outlast. Out on your ass.

Will Rummy TV be a hit? Who can say? As The Man himself once put it: "As we know, there are known knowns; there are things we know we know. We also know there are known unknowns; that is to say we know there are some things we do not know. But there are also unknown unknowns--the ones we don't know we don't know."

Stay tuned.
Here's a joke though...
Geroge Bush was riding with his wife, and with Cheney in a helicopter. He pulls a thousand-dollar bill out of his pocket and says "I could throw this out and make one person very happy."

His wife pulls out ten $100 bills and says "I could throw these out and make ten people very happy."

Cheney pulls out a hundred $10 bills and says "I could throw this out and make a hundred people very happy!"

The pilot leans over to the co-pilot and wispers "I could throw them ALL out and make a MILLON people very happy!"
The Office of the Secretary of State received the following e-mail from an individual who claims that prior to the November election release information was withheld as a result of political preference. I am hopeful that you, or your office, could respond to this concern. If you are unable to respond, or if we can be of any assistance, please let us know. Thank you.

Ealier this year I sent an e-mail to your archives dept. requesting copies of my honorable release from a corrections center in your fair state.

A woman responded to my request stating that I had to contact the prison I was Released From.

I Contacted Windham correctional centers Records Dept. and spoke to a woman by the name of Gail?or Gloria? She seemed to be eager to help at first.

I gave her my information / Name / address/ Phone,etc,etc....

She asked what I had been doing as of late?? I stated I was clean and sober 7 years now and recently married!!

She stated that "It sounded as if I had rejoined society"?

This was when I told Her I had in fact!! and was in need of my records of release, so I could vote in the national elections coming up!

At this point I was asked who I was voting for??

I stated Kerry!.. and was promptly Hung up on!!

Numerous calls back,over the next several months, were to no avail!! I was either hung up on or put on hold indefinably!!

Due to My not receiving this information I could not prove I had been released honorably, nor that my crime was of a non-violent offense, per the guide lines of the state of Nevada.

I was Not allowed to vote!!

How many other people have been denied this simple, and yet, most sacred of rights.

I Lived in Bar Harbor for twelve years and still have numerous contacts there...One is a lawyer.

Please let myself know what you intend to do about this..and if I should follow up with litigation!!

I Forgot to add a few little Deals to My E-Mail.

#1. I Needed this same info a few years ago, And received it no Problem.

#2. This all started last May...and even after all these important "So and So's" in your great state , ( Includeing the Commissioner of prisons) haveing been notified, I still haven't received my info?

#3. According to a link on the A.C.L.U. web site this has been rampant in the last election? I feel a simple add in a news paper could locate numerous others who may have been denied this info and there bye denied the right to register to vote. ( Class action??)

And much like myself are already of the opinion that no one Cares about our sincerly honest desire to Rejoin society...So? why Try??

#4. These were long distance calls that are easily tracked down.

#5. They were Made to a corectional center, this most certainly is documented due to Windham corectional center being a Federal over flow holding facility, there have to be records of these calls!!

#6. Yes I am looking for Some Help in this matter.