Oog- Bush's press conference. I hate that I have to keep saying this, but:

Hose's ass.

Go over to Cspan, and watch it there. Ignore the question- spew out your talking points, repeat them again, and again, and again- and when the issue has sufficiently been blurred- call on another reporter.

Ya know- I hate to say it- but watching this foolishness, I actually long for the days of
Reagan. At least he TRIED to communicate with the press, and the american people- as wrong as he was- he at least TRIED. Bush jr- well, he stumbles up to the podium, and just vomits out an incomprehensible spaghetti of repitition, talking ponts, and doubletalk.

Case in point: Bush is asked if there's a timetable for the withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Bush first starts off, deflecting the question, saying that any statement regarding the withdrawal would aid the terrorists (in other words- any questions regarding the continuing quagmire only "helps the enemy"). Then, with a big grin on his face, says that recruitment for the new Iraqi security forces are "high". (Side note- you know why it's so high? Because unemployment in Bush's glorious "new Iraq" is at around 30%, and growing, daily. If you're a guy with a wife and kids, and haven't been able to bring in a single dinar in months- you'll sign any dotted line to support your family- in Today's Iraq, your chance of being killed, as a member of the collaborationist forces, is high, indeed, but not much higher than your chances of being killed by the odd suicide bomber- or your chances of dying of starvation and poverty in the new Iraq of Milk and Honey that Bush keeps trying to sell us.)

Good lord in heaven above, I could go on- but I'll try to rise above the two word "horse's ass" review, in the end of my comments, this eve.

Here's what gets me: Any thinking american- republican or democrat- with more than a handfull of braincells to rub together, saw this rhetorcal atrocity for what it is. We KNOW we're being snowed- we KNOW we're being lied to- it's staring us, right in the face- the smirk, the obfuscations, the blatant distortions of the facts- we KNOW THIS IS HAPPENING...

But we're gonna wake up, tomorrow morning, and have 5-second snippets of this stupidity thrust back in our faces, with the standard talking heads lauding them as "Forceful and Powerful statements by the president." No questions will be asked- no opposing viewpoints will be raised. This assault upon the truth will go unanswered, and the illusion will continue- more than that- IT WILL BE REINFORCED, by the corporate lapdog media that serenades us with hours of Michael Jackson crapola, while the world burns.

More later- I have to go to bed- I don't know what happens now, and I'm too scared to close my eyes.


Horse's ass.

That sums it up in two words- let me repeat:

Horse's ass.

Yes- I watched it. The FRC folks had it streaming, via their site, and I watched WAY too much of it- I can't really describe it, other than to say:

Horse's ass.

The insanity was there- they couldn't have made their intentions more clear, if they had rolled in an oversized copy of the constitution, and engaged in a mass defacation upon said document. That didn't surprise me- but what DID surprise me- was the STUPIDITY.

Horse's ass.

When James Dobson took the stand- what ensued was an insane ramble, the likes of which I haven't witnessed since reading "Mein Kampf", years ago. Am I comparing Dobson to a Nazi? Yes- but that's beyond the point...

Dobson's dissertation on the workings of government was- well- insane- so simple minded, so out of touch with reality, I felt as if, at times, my computer was projecting images from a strange parallel universe of mongoloid nascar fans.

And it went on, and on, and on... My brain reeled, my feet smelt 20% worse then they usually do, and I hadda visit the toilet at least 8 times, in just under 90 minutes.

Horse's ass.

The sad thing is? Millions of dedicated, red-state americans flocked, by their tens of thousands, to press their collective faces up to this horse's ass, and suck up this rhetorical excrement as true and tried gospel- and they're now on the march. That's why I put up the new splash page, today.

For you see, last night, I gazed into this equine rectum, and was subjected to a torrent of idiocy that is beyond my ability to describe, in words. I have seen where this rectum will eventually lead us, and I don't wanna see my country dive into that black hole.

I'm speechless....

Horse's ass.


Just take a look at the above article- heh...

In the wake of the Gannon/Guckert scandal, the most important question has never been answered:

"Why did Gannon, a man with no press credentials, travelling under an assumed name, get access to the white house?"

Well- Heh- the question has been answered.

According to records, Gannon had a goodly number of overnight stays, in the inner circles of power. Now- here's the obvious question:

Gannon was, and continues to remain (as of this writing,) a male prostitute. What would a fake reporter/male prostitute be doing, at overnight stays at the White House? Why would he be napping in discreet rooms at the white house, when the "president" wasn't even there?

Uhh- well- let us invoke the spirit of Bill Hicks, and get real:

Somone within the inner circles of the white house- someone VERY high up, was hiring Gannon/Guckert to hang out in a discreet corner of the white house, for an evening of GAY SEX.

Now- not to say that anything's wrong with such- to each his own- but ya remember the uproar that ensued when it was disclosed that Clinton (ahh- the HATED Clinton), was giving out weekend stays in the Lincoln bedroom to top contributors? Remember when the "Blue Dress" furor broke out?

Well- now, we have someone in the white house, calling up Gannon/Guckert for nights of male prozzie bliss- and- one wonders- where's the media, on this? When will we see the stained blue pants?

Thus, the new poll- My money's on McLellan. I remember- Ari Fleischer barred Gannon/Guckert from press briefings- but ol' Simple Scotty reinstated him. Thus- the next poll- "Scott Mclellan- top or bottom?"

This new animation, is another piece I hoped I'd never have to do, but events have forced me to. Foremost amongst these events is the constant "liberal" media assertions that everything is fine and good in Iraq, since the recent "election", there. In creating this animation, I asked for folks to send me pictures from the last two months in Iraq, and lemme tell ya- the pictures coming out of Iraq, are far more horrific, and in greater volume, than they were when I did the first anniversary animation, a year ago.

If I had included some of the more grisly photos in this, you'd throw up- seriously.

So, long story short, THINGS ARE GETTING WORSE IN IRAQ, not better- no matter what these lapdog media sources tell you, via your viewscreens.

Now- a personal note: After two years of producing flash slideshows, I've found it to be so danged limited, as a media format. Maybe because after doing the video project for Rosie, I just see static images and vectors to be extremely insufficient, in presenting visual media. I'll have to see if I can wangle more webspace, and start doing straight-out video features....

So much to cover, and none of it can really be animated- poo.

First off, plug time- I recently got a few packages in the mail, recently- Mutant Press sent me a copy of their new release, "Slave to Fashion." Mutant Press is a VERY independent label, producing dissident/anti-consumerist material. Check it out, if that's your thing. Then, just today, I got a pack of bumper stickers from the guy over at Ucanadas.com. Fun stuff- anti-christian-right bumperstickers from the great white north.

Next up- The new Pope- It's only been 24 hours, and the guy's already been plastered with the "Hitler Youth" label, among the far left. I could wax long and verbose about this, but I'm not a catholic, and really don't care about that whole affair. So- The Catholic Church, a 2000 year-old colossus, has elected a CONSERVATIVE as the new pontiff- well, DUH- what did you expect- Ellen DeGeneris, or Carrot Top? Grow up, and get real.

Iraq continues to spiral into new cycles of insane violence, with a two reports, just today: First off, 50 mangled bodies were pulled from the Tigris river. What's morbidly entertaining about this is that these were hostages killed by insurgents, despite a HUGE operation on the part of Bush's much-vaunted collaborative "iraqi security forces." I guess these guys are off to a STERLING start, if this is their best effort. Secondly, 19 bullet-riddled corpses were found lined up against a bloodstained wall in a sports stadium in Haditha. The glorious "new era" for Iraq, continues. Thanks, George!

John Bolton is facing unexpected opposition to his coronation as the US Ambassador to the UN. One Republican might very well be willing to show a tad of backbone, and vote against his nomination- but don't bet on it. Bolton's appointment is essential to the events in June, and there will be GREAT pressure brought to bear, for the republicans to fall into line.

I have been getting a lot of letters from the Alex Jones contingent, asking me to feature videos, containing alternative theories regarding the attacks on 9/11. I really don't know what to say. I've viewed these videos, and well- to me, they hold about as much water as the videos I've seen that claim that the 1969 moon landing was a hoax. Okay- let's just assume, for one moment, that indeed, that there were explosives adhered to the iron pylons of the World Trade Centers, prior to the attacks, and set off, at a strategic moment. O-KAY- that aside- I have a feeling that no matter what explosives were put into the buildings, those three planes slamming into them had a tad more to do with their collapse, than any shadow government plot.

If you wanna see this sort of stuff, well- go to Alex Jones's site. They're free for download, and draw what conclusions that you will. I, for one, Just have found Alex Jones to be downright hysterical. I listened to his show, for a while, back in the days of Clinton, and lost count of the times he exploded into a shrieking childish tirade about "the satanic secularist forces of the UN."

PLEASE don't send me your defenses of Alex- if you want to believe in his works, go right ahead- he has a site that gets 20 times as much traffic as mine- he doesn't need my help.

And, as ya'll know, Tony Blair called for a new UK election, come early may.

I won't pretend to truly understand the political dynamics of the UK- I don't live there, and their electoral process is sufficiently different from ours, here, that I won't even go into it (ridings? what's that again?)

But, I can see the larger picture, generally, and here's what I see: Tony Blair, despite being the lapdog poodle that he is, proved himself to be a political genius, when he forged that odious concept "New Labour", back in the days before his ascendency as PM.

Blair created a totally shameless concept: Undercut the conservative party, by taking their policies, as your own, while still claiming to the Labour. That way, you can suck votes away from the conservative base, through pandering, and yet maintain your lumpenproletariat Labour base, by saying you're still Labour, no matter how much you betray the core beliefs of Labour.

It sucks, but Blair's gonna win, again...

The conservatives, despite the years that have passed, still lack the very concept of a "clue", and just don't seem to truly understand what's going on. The Lib Dems, despite their spirited fight, just don't have the votes to ascend to majority status in the House of Commons. The other minor parties, well, they'll grab a few seats, but we're looking at more years of lapdog Blair and "New Labour" idiocy.

I could rant on, but ya know- it'll do very little good. As much as I'd like to see Charles Kennedy become PM, it just ain't gonna happen. In fact- I'd be pleased to wake up, and see ANYONE replace Blair as PM- Green party- Monster Raving Looney Party- hell- I'd even welcome seeing the CONSERVATIVE party take the commons back- at least they're HONEST, about screwing people over.

But no- Blair's sycophantic idiocy, will, unfortunately, continue, for years to come.

Argh- gotta go to sleep...

Check this out- yeah- dig it.

When was the last time we heard Bush mention the name "Bin Laden"- you remember him, right? Remember- he was the guy who killed 3000 american citizens and foreign nationals on the oft-repeated 9/11. Remember how he decided NOT to to go after his family business buddies in the Bin Laden Family, and the Saudi Government (remember- 17 out of the 19 hijackers on that day were Saudi, not Iraqi, or Afghan), and Invade Afghanistan, instead?

Well- full circle- visit the link above, and you'll see that Bush's claims to quashing the admittedly horrific Taliban are as empty as his skull- yep- the Taliban are back ON THE AIR in afghanistan- makes you feel good, about his handling of this whole affair, doesn't it? But who cares, anymore?

The Taliban, Bin Laden, the Saudis- they're the Goldstein, of years past- time now to focus on the new Goldstein- them danged Iranians. Bolton is headed for approval, and DAMN...

I've pretty much settled on a few days of vacation in Montreal, come may- I hope to God, Allah, Buddha, and "Bob", that I can make it, because I doubt that I can deal with the insanity, that's coming in June, and beyond.

Now, something personal, here...

This ad has recently emerged from the seeping rectum of the white house drug policy wing, saying that:

"Quite a few people think that smoking pot is less likely to cause cancer than a regular cigarette. You may even have heard some parents say they'd rather their kid smoked a little pot than get hooked on cigarettes. Wrong, and wrong again. ... One joint can deliver four times as much cancer-causing tar as one cigarette."

This, of course, is totally incorrect, and not supported by ANY scientific study that's been performed, anywhere.

Now- before you right-wing lurkers get off and say that I'm in favor of drugs- let me make this clear:

I am NOT pro-drug- I am ANTI-LIE.

This white house-sanctioned campaign is telling kids that smoking marijuana is more harmful than smoking a cigarette- and well- lemme clue you into a fact:

300,000 people die as a direct result of cigarette smoking a year- NIH studies only attribute about one or two deaths to the use of marijuana, a year.

So- which is more deadly- I ask you to draw your own conclusions.

Now- before you accuse me of being pro-marijuana, pro-drug, or whatever, lemme tell you, yet again...

I am NOT pro-marijuana- I am totally neutral on the matter- what I am, is ANTI-LIE.

Back when I was in high school, we had dozens of uniformed cops come into our school, to give talks to classes, and school assemblies, under the DARE program. They paraded lie after lie before us, I see, in retrospect. One of them told us- "Smoke a joint, drink a beer- and BANG- YOU'RE GONNA DIE!!!!

Well- great scare tactics there, but, in the end, I was an average high school kid, who mixed with the average crowd- and ya know what?

One day, I did smoke a joint, and, well, I drank a beer, in the same evening, and you know what?


Now- there were only two conclusions to draw, given the expert guidance given to me by the Nancy Reagan- inspired "just say no to drugs" society in which I grew up in:

Either They were right, and I was God Incarnate, immune to the concrete lessons given by those cops, or THEY WERE LYING TO ME, and every other girl and boy who was subjectd to their tirades.

So, I assumed, in my youthful ignorance, that they were wrong- and ya know? I took it to the extreme- when confronted by lies (much like the lies being presented by the aforementioned white house ad campaign) that proved to be false, I assumed that these authority figures were full of bunk, and experience was the best guide to go by- and ya know what?

I SCREWED UP. I got hooked on drugs and alcohol. Not because I ignored the admonitions given by the insane DARE folks- but because I BELIEVED THEM.

What lessons are we teaching our kids, these days? Thankfully, I emerged from the troubles of my youth, with the help of many good people, a committed group, and my family- and DAMN- I am truly thankful that I had this. But ya know- that was too little, too damned late...

We need a sane drug policy in this country. How the living HELL does this administration compound the existing lies about drugs, by telling the young people in this country that it's safer to become a nicotine addict, than experement with marijuana?

Not that I'm advocating Marijuana, or Nicotine- even being a hopeless nicotine addict myself, my druthers would be that no one partake of either, and find their fulfillment in life, because, well- it's spring, here, in our country, and I dare you to walk outside of your front door, and not just be overwhelmed with the majesty of the world coming alive, after such a punishing winter.

But do we need more lies, in regards to this issue? Hell- Bush snorted coke, and smoked Weed, too- maybe those fearless DARE cops that filled my head with such nonsense should stand before High School audiences, and say "Snort a few lines of Coke, Smoke a few doobs, and well- you might very well be the next PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES!"

THAT would have scared me from doing anything so light as aspirin, for the rest of my life, had I heard that, when I was 15....

Okay- I'm sick of this...

The corporate media, along with the usual gang of idiots, is still trying to sell Iraq as a dramatic success story, in the wake of their recent "election." Not being content with this, these sycophants continuously attribute the recent events in Lebanon to the aforementioned farcical "election" in Iraq.

Ya know, everytime I hear this, it feels as if my brain has been replaced with a stinking, pungent pile of liver and onions.


Go to this site, and check out the right-hand side of the screen. The have a newsticker that's updated hourly, concerning the continuing violence in Iraq. Yeah- "coalition" death are down, but the violence continues, claiming more and more lives, everyday- but hell- they're just worthless sand-niggers, so I guess that doesn't matter, to the people buying into this whole mess- the fewer of them living on the ground covering OUR OIL, the better...

And Puh-LEEZE- the "Cedar Revolution" in Lebanon had Jack-All to do with the "election" in iraq- it was inspired by the "Orange Revolution" in the UKRAINE- NOT IRAQ. Doubt me? Read all about it, here.

The corporate media distortions notwithstanding- let's hear it for Bush- two middle eastern states enjoy american-imposed regimes- we MUST be strong, and good, right? Just ignore articles like this, and it all makes sense.

Sometimes, I wish I could get a lobotomy, stop having to deal with FACTS, and just sit, drooling, in front of the TV, and just absorb every lie and bit of foolishness that the media shows me. To live in peace, and blissfull ignorance would be a boon. But ya know, when your government has been turned into the legislative equivalent of an excrement-streaked urinal at the back of a strip joint, you just gotta keep going- the hard work of Democracy has so be done, and while I only play a very small part, I've gotta keep going, or die in shame...

Is anyone out there able to help me out with photos? I need photos from Iraq- but not just any. I need the photos to be from March/April 2005. If you have any links to such photos, drop me a line.

First off, just got a few notes from the guy over at Avery Ant. If you haven't done so yet, GO THERE, NOW. Cool concept- cool rants- entertaining stuff, all'round...

Secondly: the guy over at Better World Links has added a new comprehensive link bank, regarding the current social security debate:

Thirdly: New animation due, soon- e-mail is still overflowing, due to the internet blackout. Must sleep...

The news these days is typical: Bush got booed, at the Pope's funeral, which shouldn't surprise anyone. In the words of your typical freeper- "them damned euro-faggots just HATE freedom, don't they?" Quite frankly, it's a re-enforcement of my non-christianity that a gaping maw straight to hell didn't open up, underneath Bush's feet, the moment he stepped into the Vatican grounds. Oh, well... Tom DeLay continues his swirl down the toilet bowl of american political corruption (no link here- just google "Tom Delay", and you'll find tons of articles.) Nearly one out of five US troops returning from Iraq have been dignosed has having serious mental illnesses, soup lines in this country are approaching depression-era sizes, and the insurgency is blossoming, in southern Iraq, just as the puppet government tries to claim legitimacy by naming their leadership.

Next up, I have a few photos, from my brief meeting with My fave Air America talk show host Mike Malloy. It was a fun event- see more pictures here.


Unless you've been living in an isolation tank, over the past week, you're aware that Pope John Paul the second died, two days back. The media response has been predictable, and at the same time, understandable. My favorite byproduct of the media coverage has been the decision by CNN to turn its late-night broadcasting over to CNN international, which, by its nature, has a broader view, and breaks away from time to time to cover other stories.

As you probably already know- I'm not a christian. My father came from a catholic household, but, thankfully, my parents decided it was best for me to determine my own spiritual path in life. The Pope, to me, was a distant figure, sorta like Deng Xiaoping, or Enver Hoxha- I knew he existed, and wielded a great deal of power, but in recent days, I've been getting heartfelt letters from people the world over, asking me to eulogize the late pontiff. The language of these letters is strange to me- it's apparent that a great many people felt this man to be as close as a member of their own family.

Vicar of Rome- Vicar of Christ- Servant of the Servants of God- the Holy Father- they mean very little to me, personally, but, I remember his election as pope- I recall being in a doctor's office, at the age of 9, and seeing John Paul's face on all of the magazines. I remember the speeches he gave, after his ascension- his voice and attitude reminded me, sorta, of Ricardo Montalban (but with a HELL of a lot more authority behind his words and deeds.)

As all are probably aware, by now, John Paul's papacy was the third-longest in history- for 26 years, he served as the head of state of the Vatican, leader of a religion that literally spanned the world, and a diplomat whose travels were every bit as expansive as his church. That, in itself, is pretty impressive- but in order to understand John Paul's time on the throne of Saint Peter, we have to take in his tenure, as a whole.

I know it will offend the catholics out there, but I have to state my differences with the late pontiff, first:

As leader of an inherently conservative organization, John Paul was equally conservative, when it came to social issues. His positions on abortion, birth control, marriage, and the primacy of a 1000-year old view of society just rubbed me the wrong way. I didn't like seeing him cozy up to Ronald Reagan, and Augusto Pinochet (two on the most murderous people to crop up in the western hemisphere in the latter twentieth century.) I found his quashing of Liberation Theology, in favor of Opus Dei fundamentalism, to be a betrayal of the millions who had flocked to the the Catholic Church, seeking respite from the violence and oppression imposed upon them by US-funded and backed regimes in Central and South America.

Now- that having been said...

If there's one legacy that this man has left to this world, it is his oft-repeated phrase- "Be not afraid."

Be not afraid to stand up against a predatory capitalism he saw drifting towards the same oppressive tendencies that marked nazism, and stalinist communism. Be not afraid to reach out to other religions, to seek reconciliation- not to see faith (and all things in life), in an "us versus them" paradigm, but as a universal quest to understand and become one with the divine. Be not afraid to admit mistakes, and beg forgiveness from the Muslims, Jews, and others who have suffered at the hands of the catholic church, in centuries past. Be not afraid to admit that evolution is "more than just a theory", and show that you're willing to have a firmer grasp of science than George W. Bush has. Be not afraid to stand up against tyranny, whatever its shape, or form, and to ask fundamental questions of those who claim to represent "your interests". Be not afraid to embrace the new, and temper it in the waters of experience. Be not afraid to stand up and declare, once and for all, that war is not the answer.

Be not afraid to live life, and spend your days doing good, for the betterment of mankind. A dollar, or an hour spent, in the pursuit of the greater good, is better than a million spent, waging war against, or oppressing those who need help, the most. We're all one human family, after all, and that which you do to the least amongst us, you do to all of us.

Be not afraid to stand up, when your rights and liberties are being stripped away, bit by bit, and declare, as (he would say) a child of God, that THIS WILL NOT STAND, and FIGHT for that which was taken from you- for God is on your side, and in the face of that, no rifle, no policeman, nor petty tyrant has a chance in hell of stopping you. The dignity of the human spirit is absolute, and will always perservere, as long as you have the strength of personality to claim it as your own, and become one with the world.

In recent days, the right wing in this country has tried to claim the actions and deeds of the late pontiff as their own. Well, let me quote the late John Paul, for you, here, and let you be the judge:

"Social justice cannot be attained by violence. Violence kills what it intends to create."
-- July 3, 1980

"This determination is based on the solid conviction that what is hindering full development is that desire for profit and that thirst for power already mentioned. These attitudes and 'structures of sin' are only conquered - presupposing the help of divine grace - by a diametrically opposed attitude: a commitment to the good of one's neighbor with the readiness, in the gospel sense, to 'lose oneself' for the sake of the other instead of exploiting him, and to 'serve him' instead of oppressing him for one's own advantage."
-- Pope condemns excesses of capitalism, December 30, 1987

"We cannot pretend that the use of arms, and especially of today's highly sophisticated weaponry, would not give rise, in addition to suffering and destruction, to new and perhaps worse injustices."
-- Pope opposes Gulf War, Message to George H.W. Bush, January 15, 1991

"A disconcerting conclusion about the most recent period should serve to enlighten us: side-by-side with the miseries of underdevelopment, themselves unacceptable, we find ourselves up against a form of superdevelopment, equally inadmissible. because like the former it is contrary to what is good and to true happiness. This superdevelopment, which consists in an excessive availability of every kind of material goods for the benefit of certain social groups, easily makes people slaves of 'possession' and of immediate gratification..."
-- On the shortfalls of consumerism, March 13, 1998

"Modern society has the means of protecting itself, without definitively denying criminals the chance to reform. I renew the appeal I made most recently at Christmas for a consensus to end the death penalty, which is both cruel and unnecessary."
-- Pope speaks out against capital punishment, January 27, 1999

"The Holy See has always recognized that the Palestinian people have the natural right to a homeland, and the right to be able to live in peace and tranquility with the other peoples of this area."
-- Pope calls for a Palestinian State, March 22, 2000

"NO TO WAR! War is not always inevitable. It is always a defeat for humanity."
-- January 13, 2003

"When war threatens humanity's destiny, as it does today in Iraq, it is even more urgent for us to proclaim with a loud and decisive voice that peace is the only way to build a more just and caring society. Violence and arms can never solve human problems."
-- Pope condemns Bush's invasion of Iraq, March 22, 2003

So, in the end, as a devout agnostic/subgenius, I have to say that, despite our fundamental differences, The recently-departed Holy Father was a comrade in arms, and in peace. But ya know- here's what gets me about the whole christian/catholic thingie: So, he died- doesn't that mean he's going to a better place? Shouldn't we celebrate that? In fact, isn't it a given, in catholicism, that he can continue to intercede in the matters of the mortal world? (After all, that's how saints are made.)

Let's not be afraid, at this time, to celebrate who he was, mark his passing, and learn from his example.

Oh, and let's not forget- Bill O'Reilly, despite his recent self-flagellation about the pope, declared John Paul to be an enemy of this country, because he was against the war in Iraq. I wonder what kinda motorized butt-stick Satan has, in store, when Bill finally kicks the bucket.

Argh- when will the death watches end? Terri Schiavo's body finally died, yesterday, and I hoped to turn on the news, today, and see a tad of the same old spin-o-rama. Imagine my surprise when I was confronted with a three-hour static shot of St. Peter's square, with audio voiceover of interviews with every english-speaking person in the world who had met the pope, and could be dragged to their local network affiliate.

I'll keep my opinions on the pope to myself, until he departs. What gets me, as always, is how the corporate news media is filling 24 hours a day with this. Okay- WE GET THE IDEA: Terry Schiavo is dead, and the pope is gravely ill- howsabout breaking away, for JUST ONE MINUTE, and addressing the 800-pound geopolitical gorilla that just cropped up the other day:

The finding, BY OUR OWN GOVERNMENT, that the Bush administration brought us into the war in Iraq, on cooked-up and seriously flawed "Intelligence." Well, DUH- the intelligence came from Ahmed Chalabi- a wanted expatriate felon who believed that if he whispered the words Cheney wanted to hear, he'd sail into Baghdad, as the heir apparent to assume Hussein's throne.

Time and time again, in the recent years, the Bush administration has been exposed as a feckless, self-serving group which has proven itself to be inept, and destructive, in every facet of its operation (I again challenge the republican lurkers out there to point out ONE SINGLE THING that this administration has succeeded at.) And, time and time again, the corporate media has turned a blind eye. Why cover any of the thousand ways this country is headed down the toilet, when you can spend twelve hours a day covering the latest media circus around Michael Jackson, Terri Schiavo, and any of a thousand other minor distractions?

Ya know- I never thought I'd say this- but may God, Allah, Buddha, Ahura-Mazda, and JR "Bob" Dobbs bless the internet. This is the ONLY place you can get the news that matters. The only problem is that a vast majority of the american people (much less the people of the world), don't even have access to it, and those that do- well, they use it to search for porn, answer e-mail, and download mp3s.

I mean- there are people still out there, even on the internet, who believe that Saddam Hussein had something to do with 9/11. People who believe that things are going all peachy in Iraq, and think that the US economy is better than it's ever been....


I've been meaning to do a recap, can I?

George W. Bush is NOT the legitimately elected head of state of this country. He has as much of a right to plant his posterior, along with his misbegotten family, at 1600 Pennsylvania avenue, as I do (probably less- for, unlike him, I have a conscience.) Every law, edict, executive order and bill that has issued forth from the white house since his usurpation of the highest office in this land is as legitimate, and holds as much legislative, moral, and legal authority as a blank piece of paper. His appointees do not enjoy the legitimacy of the office that appointed them, as they are performing fuctions of an imposter "president", appointed in his first term by the "activist judges" that his republican ilk usually eschew, and re-"elected" through massive vote fraud, in 2004.

Good lord in heaven above- how I HATE this. How I hate to see the country I love turned into the laughing stock of the world. How I hate to see tens of thousands of lives, snuffed out, and see a callous indifference in the eyes of my countrymen. How I hate to turn on the TV, and see a simpering, sick, evil gaggle of COWARDS- Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Bush, Rice, and Mclellan- spew their filth, every day, to a corporate media that refuses to ask critical questions, and do their duty as the fourth estate of our government.

So many, on the right and left, say that "hate is not the way"- SCREW YOU. My hate keeps me warm- my hate keeps a fire burning within myself, that will sustain me, as long as I see the basic concept of compassion being flushed down the toilet. I HATE those who take the lives of innocents, who lie to a country, just to fill their own pockets, who wage wars based upon lies, who drop their pants, and defecate upon the treasured traditions and trusts of the american people. I hate those who wilfully eschew critical thought, and go along with what they see on their televisions. And above all else- I HATE REPUBLICANS.

I feel a tad better, now. More, later...


Just as I sat down to update the site, tonight, this article caught my eye.

If you don't wanna read the article: lemme break it down for you: A UN report has found that deaths from malnutrition among children under five in Iraq have almost doubled, since the invasion (oops- I mean "liberation") of Iraq. Now, this would be bad, enough- but remember- Iraq, before the invasion, already had catastrophically high infant mortality rates, due to the sanctions that the US and the UK insisted on keeping in place.

So, despite the lifting of these sanctions, and the glorious, milk-and-honey drenched conditions that exist in Iraq today, twice as many children under five are dying in Iraq, because of starvation. Now, ya see: despite what the republicans would like to say, I take no joy in reporting this. I take not one, single whit of schadenfreude (look it up) from this. It's just yet one more sad fact about this insane war that Bush launched us on. The arithmatic is there for all to see: Iraq + Bush's invasion= more dead kids.

Ya see, that's one tactic that the right likes to throw back in the face of the anti-war movement: "You're just searching SO HARD for things to make the Iraqi "Liberation" look bad, and SCORE POINTS FOR YOUR SIDE!"

That's the saddest thing of all: the republicans see this as some sort of big game, in which the lives of innocent iraqi citizens are "points". Never mind the morality of the war- never mind the escalating insurgency, and the growing numbers of US troops returning home from Iraq in flag-draped coffins- it's all a game to them. Never mind that the Iraqi "election" didn't result in one bit on change on the ground over there- the election took place, so thus, it's a feather in their cap, and democracy now flourishes in Iraq, by default of the action having taken place.

But the facts tell a different story. Yeah, I can point to this study as proof that I, along with millions upon millions worldwide were right, back in 2003, but ya know, I have a hard time dancing a jig, because more kids are dying. I deplore it- in fact:

I absolutely HATE waking up, every day, and seeing time and time again, that we were right. I hate seeing these weeping mothers, huddled over the lifeless corpses that used to be their sons and daughters. I hate seeing pools of blood, in central Baghdad. I hate seeing American families paying homage to the son, daghter, wife, or husband who didn't make it back alive.

Good lord in heaven above, please let me be wrong- let these children live- let these families live the rest of their lives with their loved ones. Let me go to bed, one night, not mourning the death of another human being, lost in this insane, racist war.

Please make these facts go away- I wish I could live in the cloistered mindset of the Bush administration, where such things do not bother me, and go ignored. I wish for a memory hole, in which the things I see happening, every day, can be tossed away, and comfortably ignored.

But, I cannot- facts remain, and cannot be dismissed, whitewashed, or slanted, by their very nature- but they CAN be ignored.

Ignored- yes. I dunno if you have watched many press briefings by Simple Scotty McLellan, but you can see them, in total, over at the C-Span website. Despite the Bush administration's attempts at stacking the press pool by strategic exclusion, a few real reporters DO get into the daily white house press briefings, and ask some hard questions.

Go and watch a few of these briefings, and then come back here... I'll wait...

Tum te tum...



Back? Okay- whenever a reporter rises, and asks simple Scotty a question, regarding a FACT- a report, a study, a statistic- notice how he deflects it:

"We haven't read that report, but the administration's position is clear: yadda yadda yadda."

In other words: "We aren't aware of the facts of the matter- thus, they don't exist- here are our canned, suitably vague talking points- next question?"

Facts have never had a comfortable audience, within this administration. Whether it's Dick Cheney being seduced by Ahmed Chalabi's promises of a rosy future in Iraq, or Condi Rice toeing the line for the neocon crowd, in the face of all that is sane and reasonable, these facts which scald my brain, with every waking moment, go ignored in the highest levels of power in this nation, sacrificed on an altar of sheer hubris.

But, in the end- ya know- I'd rather suffer the mental anguish of knowing things, as they really are, than be a wilfully ignorant supporter of the status quo (and ya know- this is the first time I've had to acknowledge Bush's policies as "the status quo"- a truly frightening moment.)

Just a short word on Jerry Falwell:

Jerry Falwell, right-wing christian evangelist, has been suffering a recent bout with pneumonia, and has been under intensive care.

I rarely long for the death of any individual human being, but in this case, I'm going to make an exception...

Jerry Falwell has built his life on denegrating human beings in the name of a bastardized version of christianity that Christ himself would vomit at supersonic speeds over. He has made a living selling hate, divisiveness, racism, sexism, and homophobia. He said that people like me were responsible for the attacks of 9/11. He said that the majority of rape victims are responsible for their own fates. He has said that God doesn't hear the prayers of Jews. He has said that AIDS is "God's punishment" on a society that "tolerates homosexuality" (oh, so, Jerry, if we put gay folks in CONCENTRATION CAMPS- god would BLESS us? Please...) He even went so far as to declare Billy Graham (a fellow christian evangelist) "the chief servant of Satan" because Graham offered spiritual counselling to democrats, as well as republicans, and minister to people suffering from AIDS.

Jerry Falwell might last a bit longer, but ya know- I'm not a christian, however: this is one time that I wish I truly was, because then I'd rest easy at night, knowing that there's a nice, prickly place in hell waiting for him, when his drama plays out. When he finally takes a dirt nap, I'll crow a bit, but beyond that, just heave a sigh of relief that one more scumbag has left this world...

And what is this about Bush and bald men? Freaky...


Insurgent attacks haven't slacked off, one bit, and the security situation is still tenuous, at best. Yeah, troop deaths have fallen to a low not seen in about a year- but ya know- last year's low was lower than this one, and it was followed by a drastic escalation, just a few weeks later.

I mean- Check this out: American-trained iraqi cops open fire on a mob of GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES, who just wanted their paychecks. Oh YEAH- when does Baghdad's George W Bush Square open for foot traffic, again?

Since the much-vaunted "elections" in Iraq, we've seen car bombings increase, reaping record numbers of lives- true, they ain't americans- but I guess the lives of Iraqis don't even warrant consideration, when defending this occupation. And UT- once again- I can hear the freepers out there saying "but alla them killin's ain't OUR fault- it's them danged INSURGENTS."

Again, I have to point out: the iraqi Resistance that's causing such carnage wouldn't even be there, if we hadn't INVADED THE COUNTRY.

Does that mean that I'd prefer Hussein In charge? Well- let's get down to brass tacks (one of my fillings fell out tonight, again, and I'm in a foul mood.) Iraqis are dying at a rate now, on average, that is 20% higher than they did, under the regime of Saddam Hussein. So- say what you want about Bush- he's better at killing Iraqis than Hussein ever was.

Am I saying Bush is worse than Hussien?


Good night, kiddies.

So, I haven't been watching american news in about four days- has Bush claimed, yet, that the popular revolt in Kyrgyzstan was inspired by the Iraqi "Elections"? Just wondering. I'm pretty sure he'll be able to fit it into his new speeches at those scam social security "town meetings", next week.

Schiavo? Like I said- the religious right would rather lose a million times, for propaganda reasons, rather than win once, for principle. It's nasty to see Randall Terry's skeevy face again, but was unsurprised to see he had kicked half of his children, out of his house, because they either were gay, or had had premarital sex.

The battle with the links page, coninues- I'm abandoning the flash layout, and going back to a text-based layout. It's just a pain in the keester to re-write the HTML for those hundreds of links..